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for The Meitantei Turnabout

9/1 c6 charlheezezablan
wahhh this is really awesome
(i wonder when u will post the next chapter?)
i really wanna know what happened between conan and phoenix AAAA
8/23 c2 PEJP BengtZone V2
Kid Kaito is implied to be as much a sorcerer, as he is an illusionist.
6/14 c6 Disaster
Wil you update this? It's really exciting, I want to read more!
12/19/2019 c1 25543mj
Bring on the chaos
11/5/2019 c6 anonymous
More pls! My fav fanfic so far!
10/16/2019 c1 1JustAnotherOtaku48
God I love this Fic! The personalities of the characters are spot on. Plus this little rivalry with Conan and Phoenix is literally the best!
8/4/2019 c6 crowsandcrows
Ohhh, this is getting very good! Your summary was intriguing and you've certainly delivered. I've got to say that this is one entertaining cat and mouse game, please don't give up on it 3
6/13/2019 c6 sorem
can u please continue the story?
I really love it so much, as well as my siblings :)
5/25/2019 c6 Super2019DP
Or better, will be a Trial?
5/24/2019 c6 Super2019DP
There will be a murder case?
To make Conan & Phoenix working together! For the chapter... please continue. I love this story.
5/24/2019 c6 Guest
When the chapter will happen?
5/12/2019 c6 Sorem
Can u please continue the story? I really really love it
5/10/2019 c6 FCL
ah, i can't believe it stopped like that, i wish you'll continue this someday:) because i love it, oh do i love it!xD
i most definitely love Phoenix's ridiculous reactions to Conan's bizarre phenomenon, him being so shocked, gobsmacked, flustered and such is just plenty fun!:D i laughed so many times at his suspicions of the kid and how he just couldn't stand him and his cheekiness xD just waiting until he finally snaps and tries to strangle him, with probably Ran coming to Conan's rescue:D and i loved how Conan suspected KID being there, i was just expecting him to try to pull the disguise off Trucy, or that Phoenix was of BO xD but the summary told about a murder, and we've only gotten a theft so far, so does that mean we'll still get to see the good stuff? (Though the stuff here was already on point!) still, i think the theft was a misunderstanding, and the briefcase was just misplaced, that would be funny if it was true xD
anyway, i also loved the game/anime references xD especially the format of the AA games, with the cross-examination (Hold It! Conan should sue him for bursting his eardrums:P), but i must say i loved this line the most: "I need to press everything he says until he slips up and makes a mistake." x'D well played, really, "press everything" x'D as for other stuff that made me laugh with tears, was Powers and Phoenix talking about the concert, i mean! Characters in a crossover talking about a crossover, that's gold xD or how our dear protagonists complain about everything in the world being against them and laughing at their misfortune, because both Conan and Nick were practically ranting about being main characters and everything that goes with such title xD also, "it wasn't even a murder case", loved that as well:D i love the effect Conan has on Phoenix, the creepy child that he is:D but well, it's a bit unfair to Conan that Phoenix has magic on his side:P you know, Nick, some secrets are better left undiscovered:P
pretty sure i had something else to add, but my memory is like always nice to me:/ anyway, there's only one thing that bothers me quite a bit in here, and i can't simply let it go, so i need to point your direction to that... after they finished interrogating Conan and he proved he was innocent, and they were going to close the case...just like that? Couldn't they at the very least (or maybe even Phoenix later) ask/interrogate Trucy where she got it? It's like they were fine with finishing with Conan but no one cared to ask her at all!:o she could've seen the actual culprit, but no, who cares o.O that was just so strange! At least Phoenix should've asked her:/ unless his thoughts were so occupied with Conan, that it skipped his mind? Well, i simply can't believe they wouldn't even ask her, not interrogate, but ask outside of the trial. i don't know her but is she too eccentric that her testimony wouldn't be valid, or something?:/ ehh, i don't know, it confuses me so... but that's not that important...;)
So thanks for this awesome story, i can't believe it began with a conversation on discord xD i had a lot of fun with this story, thank you:) i'm definitely following it in hopes you're continue (i need to see more of the two's confrontation!:V), and even if you won't, i'm putting it in my favourites because it oh so deserves to be there*v* this was awesome, and all kinds of great, i have no other way of expressing that actually, but hopefully you get my point:P you did a great job with writing it, the chapters were so delightfully long, and allowed for a lot to happen! (Also it was great to see the beginning from the two points of view, i forgot to mention that!:D from Phoenix's pov, you would've thought that Conan was answering their questions, but he was actually thinking of all the different things at the same time:D) so all the good lucks and plenty of inspiration and motivation with writing! Hope to see you soon, take care!:)
4/6/2019 c6 Daniela
Can u please continue the story?
I really really love it so much!
1/16/2019 c6 Guest
I want to know what happen after this!? So... pleaaaaaaaaasssssseeeee!
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