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8/14/2021 c11 demonic angel23
I hope you continue this story! It's sad in a good way and I love it!
6/4/2021 c8 Guest
I know you haven't updated this in over two years, and you would have written your decision on this already, but going to throw my two cents in anyway.

I do find it interesting seeing the differing opinions in the reviews though, but...

Natsu is definitely a perv.

There's this misconception a lot of people hold of all shounen MC's, that they don't comprehend romantic love or sex, and from what I can tell some of that belief is rooted in Goku not knowing things like what marriage is, and him being ignorant in general. Considering the only thing Grandpa Gohan taught him about all that was to be nice to a girl when you meet her, that's hardly his fault and should not be the standard by which all who come after him are held too.

I asked someone once why they believed these things of these characters, and their only response was to tell me that that's just how these characters are. No, tell me why you think that's how it is. They even included Naruto in this, and then I started watching some Naruto and Naruto had a massive crush on Sakura always trying to impress her so she would view him in a romantic light. But I'm supposed to believe these MC's are clueless about romantic love because reasons? Yeah, no.

Natsu has been attracted to Lucy from the get go. Constantly trying to use her looks and body to distract the bad guys and being perplexed when it doesn't work, Happy knowing to say that Lucy is dancing naked on the guild bar to get Natsu to stir at the end of the Tower of Heaven Arc, the "show me everything line" when they're at the spa to train for the GMG, wanting to check on her in the shower, heck he even tried to perv on Lisanna when they were in jail together in Tartaros, and on and on. (And yet people still try to claim he is probably a sexual, jfc.)

Then there's all the groping that never seems to happen with any other member of the guild...

So do I think he jerks off? Oh no doubt, he definitely would. Do I think he would do it on a random roof out in the open though? Hmmmm... I mean...how high up is he?, Is there anyone currently home? Really don't know if he'd do it out in the open.

And Happy? Well, Natsu said he would tell him when he was older in regards to the dirty joke Natsu thought at Cobra back in OS arc. (Though I don't remember if that was dub only or not...) I'm sure Natsu wouldn't do it right in front him though. While Natsu is a perv, not so sure he's an exhibitionist.

I'm curious to see what you decide on.

Also wondering how you're doing. I've been away from FT fics and all for the past couple years, but I see your fics haven't been updated too recently. So just... hope you're doing well, and that you have come through last year in tact and all.
7/22/2020 c11 Wow
MAAN did I enjoy this. ESPECIALLY the gray and lucy part. Oh man. I stopped shipping them little by little but that brought it on full force. And its a perfect situation where Juvia would understand too. Gahhhhh I pray for inspiration and hope for more!
6/2/2020 c11 Bookwork129
I really enjoyed this story. Exploring the emotional fallout from after Tartaros is one of my favorite things to imagine.
1/31/2020 c11 UndeniablySunny
It had been a while, but I found myself wanting to read a FT fiction so I dug this up from my ever-growing library collection of stories waiting to be read. And boy, am I glad I picked this one. You've totally got my NaLu feels flowing again! I laughed, I felt sad, and I really feel like you captured Lucy's and Natsu's perspectives. I hope you return to this story someday so that I may continue Natsu and Lucy's year long journey with you!
10/10/2019 c11 lcr0718
I love this story (and all of your others too). I really hope you return to this one again!
2/20/2019 c9 ocean melodies
That letter was absolutely beautiful. Truly heartbreaking and poetic. It's something that I will come back to this story and read over and over again.
2/19/2019 c11 21MamaBearKat
Have to admit, my heart was in my mouth there for a while! Flirty drunk Lucy is a hazard just waiting to happen! And although I feel a little sorry for Gray, I feel even sorrier for Lucy and Juvia, both stuck loving oblivious idiots who need a smack up the side of the head. And Natsu and Igneel! Grief is such a difficult emotion to work through already without dangling the temptation of a loved one who is there, but always out of reach. You are making me feel feelings... all the feels.
2/9/2019 c11 Grimnack
happy belated birthday! You just... Day 10 was fun and a little lighthearted and then... you throw this at us. So painful... The whole thing just... the feels... Both chapters were great.
2/8/2019 c11 26the-lionness
Drunk Cat Lucy is a *f-reeeeeeak* and I love it! Go'head Lucy-get kinky. (Seriously if you ever wrote a GraLu fic I would be here for it. I haven't stanned so hard for a fanon couple since IchigoxRukia [3 years later, and K*bo can still suck a dick from the back for that one]).

...Will Natsu be having freaky-deaky dreams as well?

Anyway. Shit got super real this chapter, Batman! Juvia laying it on the line, and Gray almost laying down some heavy pipe (yes!). (Gray and Juvia smut is going to be hot and steamy; ironic given they're water and ice-based mages.) Natsu and his daddy issues (that was really really sweet by the way) and tapping into new, unknown demonic power. Ari being sweet, a lavender purple teddy bear with hundreds of eyes. Happy being happy and taking sushi to new heights.

I have to say Laxus and Lucy going toe-to-toe was interesting. That was a good exchange. I think about all the Lucy haters that call her weak and it just makes me so annoyed, but you gave fax, no printer. Lucy owns 9 out of 12 keys and has one of the strongest, and possibly healthiest, relationships between any two FT mages. She's a strategist and has performed more than she was capable of (or realized) more than twice-I'm not even talking about the Star Dresses. I can't wait for her to start being a badass.
2/5/2019 c11 2Chibi-Lazy14
Happy birthday! Despite being a few days late.

Like damn I never noticed how hard it could have been for Licy or everybody really when the guild disbanded especially when they just kept on smiling. At the same time we have to be honest and admit that Makarovare made the stupidest or greatest decision, Natsu included.
2/5/2019 c11 Weevilcat
Omg! The first person she willingly tells and it’s Laxus of all people and at that it was in a one-upping-you-on-your-shitty-life contest. And Igneels’ eye that was kinda shocking though it was foreshadowed a bit ago lol. Definitely excited to read more
2/5/2019 c11 NerdmomDM
Oh my gosh this is so awesome. If it wasn't for Natsu, I think Gray and Lucy would be a great match. I love your writing style. That make out scene with Gray and Lucy was awesome. I don't know if you've read 100 years quest yet, but I hope you put Natsu's meeting with Touka in the story somewhere, since that apparently happened somewhere in this year.
2/5/2019 c11 1NaluGrey
I loved this chapter. It was long but so so so good. Please give us long chapters. Also I really liked the exploration of Lucy and gray. I really feel like they have not been explored in relation to Lucy's feelings with Natsu and the confusion. It was awesome overall. And it was not depressing. It's a part of their lives that Mashima just skipped over and I really love that you are portraying it so beautifully.
2/5/2019 c11 20ShanaHollows
Oh, the love that I have for this chapter. I am, quite honestly, moved to tears. So much so that I didn't review after reading it the first time or the second (because I had to read the Graylu section at least 4 times - It was truly meant for me!)

Lucy's pursuit of 'what really happened ' last night was hilarious. In particular, Gray's description of her cat-like seduction was awesome. Devious Lisanna, Mira and Cana got it right. Gray WOULD have been a good match up for her...if only she could forget.

I almost felt sorry for Juvia, watching the whole thing. Almost. She was, after all, covering her own butt She must have been relieved when things went south...and kinda worried when things got hot n heavy. That would have been the ultimate awkward to be stuck in some closet, having to watch the world's greatest sexcapade. And it WOULD have been good. lol

The obvious one sided Graylu was amazing. He knew what he was doing. SO SEXY. And then Lucy pulled the Ross, splitting his bliss into shattered splinters in seconds.

Ah, Natsu, it seems Lucy is never far from your mind either. Or Happy's. Hurry up and go home. She's waiting for you.

The talk with Laxus at the end was so fitting. Gary said it first, then Laxus said it while she was in a state of mind that she'd hear it...she's got to stop pushing everyone away.

Excellent chapter my friend.I think the goodbye between Gray and Lucy will be emotional. She knows on some level that something happened and that things have changed. Gray will need to swallow his feelings for her. That is really going to hurt.
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