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2/5/2019 c11 20ShanaHollows
Oh, the love that I have for this chapter. I am, quite honestly, moved to tears. So much so that I didn't review after reading it the first time or the second (because I had to read the Graylu section at least 4 times - It was truly meant for me!)

Lucy's pursuit of 'what really happened ' last night was hilarious. In particular, Gray's description of her cat-like seduction was awesome. Devious Lisanna, Mira and Cana got it right. Gray WOULD have been a good match up for her...if only she could forget.

I almost felt sorry for Juvia, watching the whole thing. Almost. She was, after all, covering her own butt She must have been relieved when things went south...and kinda worried when things got hot n heavy. That would have been the ultimate awkward to be stuck in some closet, having to watch the world's greatest sexcapade. And it WOULD have been good. lol

The obvious one sided Graylu was amazing. He knew what he was doing. SO SEXY. And then Lucy pulled the Ross, splitting his bliss into shattered splinters in seconds.

Ah, Natsu, it seems Lucy is never far from your mind either. Or Happy's. Hurry up and go home. She's waiting for you.

The talk with Laxus at the end was so fitting. Gary said it first, then Laxus said it while she was in a state of mind that she'd hear it...she's got to stop pushing everyone away.

Excellent chapter my friend.I think the goodbye between Gray and Lucy will be emotional. She knows on some level that something happened and that things have changed. Gray will need to swallow his feelings for her. That is really going to hurt.
2/4/2019 c11 15vrea
2/4/2019 c11 stranger1999
this chapter was incredibly depressing but I still loved, the pep talk Laxus gave Lucy was much needed
she honestly needed to pull herself together and no matter how many cuss words were used I think it got to her in the end. I love the way you write him honestly
Lucy's goodbye with the Strauss siblings was heartbreaking
and Natsu seeing a replica of his dead father explode was also more then that
Ari definitely knows what's up
her talk with Natsu about igneel was painful
I really wanted Happy to complete his sentence but Natsu just had to stop him
and man the thing that happened with Gray and Lucy was hot
though whats with you and torturing poor Gray?it happening in PAPI and it's happening here
that letter to Natsu was earth shatteringly painful
and lastly it's obvious who that brown eye belongs to
will we hear more about it in the next chapter?
2/4/2019 c11 aliciacevbra
I wonder if Lucy is going to join Laxus or will continue as the original volume and goes to the capital. Although for your training it would be good to join Laxus and thus be strengthened
2/4/2019 c11 4MorriganFae
I’m assuming you’re doing a tarot reading all like Cana and just forseeing how shit is going to go down in Edmonton. XD

That frantic run to the toilet was deplicted perfectly.

I don’t want to leave a bunch of spoilers, but Natsu talking to Ari was fracturing my heart.

But then.

But then.

We got to what happened with Gray and Lucy and holy hell, woman! I’m panting and dying and wanting more of THAT!

But what the hell?! Juvia was there the whole time? Not cool, Juvia. What was she going to do? Just puddle herself out the door if things went the direction Gray wanted them to go? Water lock Lucy? I realize Gray is rightfully pissed off at Lucy, but she wasn’t in her right mind, Juvia was (for whatever that’s worth.)

Still. I’m in Holy. Hell. That was going into epic levels of lemon goodness. I’m reeling. So well done.

And Laxus! I love some Laxus #realtalk! That was honestly unexpected but felt super necessary.

Great job!
2/4/2019 c11 Juliastes
You are writing the forgotten year. A time that Mashima ignored, allowing Natsu to return without any angst against him. This is a story that needs to exist, and yours is striving hard to keep true to character and story. This is worth the wait. Keep calm, carry on.
2/1/2019 c10 Weevilcat
Confident Lucy is a fun Lucy to see, I love how she held her own against Laxus and is even owning up to her strength. Now she had to go through the keeping modest while training and learning how to rely on herself again. Great story thus far and I can’t wait till more . thank you
1/30/2019 c10 4noseinabook145
So glad to see the latest chapter of this! Especially now that the latest season is coming out (slowly..oh so slowly...) it gets me jazzed up for this story as you fill in the time not addressed in canon. Can't wait for the next one!
1/30/2019 c10 26the-lionness
Yay! You're back! Okay so listen: there's 24 hours in a day so it makes sense that these are long (also, I like em long). You've got an eye for detail and you're handling multiple storylines, so it makes sense.
I feel like in PAPI, you try to steer clear of GraLu pairings, but here, you're going balls to the wall. Seriously, if you ever wrote one, I'd read it and like it and make a review that's something like a dissertation about it.
Ari and Libby are totes adorbs. I love them! Ari eating fluffy eggs and her knowledge about everything and her nicknames for everybody! I really cannot wait to hear about Natsu's ongoing adventure.
Mira is hilarious and now that she seems to not be repressing herself, she's a little trickster.
And GO OFF LUCY! How dare Juvia treat you like you aren't a bad bitch. The moment Lu was like, Get out, I was like, YAASSS!
Will "Falling" have Gajevy smexy time? Will Erza and Jellal make with the kissy faces? Will Gray and Juvia for that matter? Can't wait to read, next time on "Falling, a Fairy Tail story."
1/30/2019 c10 15vrea
This was beautiful as always and I can't wait for the next chapter xD
1/29/2019 c10 4MorriganFae
I loved Lucy trying to untangle herself from the limbs of all the men and that it was Virgo placing them all so carefully around her. Gray's protectiveness and him just fighting in his sleep murmuring: "Ice Make: Hammer," was hilarious.

Lucy training is awesome, but I'm wondering what's going on with her. She seems to be having pretty severe mood swings when she's snapping at Juvia and telling Juvia to find a new place to live. Gray was noting it, so I assume you're doing your magician hands "all will be revealed in time."

Loved Natsu talking with Lucy, that was my favourite part. The longing for your true love. *sigh* I am always a sucker for it.

Great chapter!
1/29/2019 c10 21MamaBearKat
I absolutely loved this chapter! The ‘orgy’ the reappearance of the frying pan from the Dear Kaby arc, how batshit crazy Juvia is. I still wanna slap Natsu though.
1/29/2019 c10 stranger1999
I swear each chapter is getting more intense and amazing!
AHAHA it isn't Lucy's apartment if there aren't people In her bed and I died laughing at the orgy part!XD
I really like how Lucy stood her own against Juvia
i love her but honestly her words were a little insensitive to Lucy
i love how you've had Gray and Lucy interact!I really have soft spot for graylu in my heart and seeing them with each other melts my heart but that's nothing compared to the feel of the Nalu angst you add in every chapter!
it's heartbreaking on how much they miss each other
the last part of this chapter downright murdered me
1/28/2019 c10 aliciacevbra
Update more often please! :3
1/28/2019 c10 20ShanaHollows
Where do I even start? HOLY CRAP AWESOME CHAPTER! For so many reasons - and i bet you can guess my favourite!

The orgy in Lucy's bed...I died. I swear to Gawd I died. Juvia is so over the top in everything she does and I could literally hear her voice as those words were uttered. Freaking hilarious. I'm sure you suspect I completely loved all the Graylu in this chapter - and I did! I love protective-of-Lucy Gray. Her heart will always belong to Natsu, but I love how you portrayed how much Gray cares about her. It surprised me that he agreed to go training with Juvia. So Cana and Mira ganging up on Gray...FUCK YA.

Speaking of Juvia - ha ha ha ha ha ha! Great fight between them! If Juvia could get over her insecurities, she and Lucy would be a force to be reckoned with. But Lucy is definitely no pansy. I love how strong she got and how you wrote that in.

My heart is broken once again with how much Natsu and Lucy love each other and miss each other. I can't wait for them to meet up again.
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