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1/3/2019 c9 Guest
I am sobbing holy shit that letter was so beautiful
1/3/2019 c9 16CrazyZaika

Really. I love it. This story is so sad at some points, but I think, that your work here is one of the best 'the-year-after-the-guild-disband'-ff I ever read.

It's so sad, that Lucy have to go through this and I hope Natsu could read the letters. So that he would realize how much he hurt her. Poor Lucy.
I know, he left to become stronger to protect her, because the war with Tartarus and the loss of Igneel waked him up and showed him, that he's not strong enough. And even if I really like him... I want to flay his skin.

I'm looking forward to the next chapterI hope you continue this awesome work.

And at last I have to say: Happy New year and I hope you got good into the next year.

Love Z

PS: Sorry for my bad english _
12/23/2018 c9 2Chibi-Lazy14
When are you going to update? This is very good
9/13/2018 c9 26the-lionness
You are a great writer. I mean that wholeheartedly. God, you went from funny to syrupy sweet to mystical to sad. I don’t think my writing has been able to take so many forms in one shot—and with so many different characters! Lucy has me in my feelings...like Drake but not like the song by the same name.

You’re also super ambitious: you’ve pretty much started an arc, meanwhile PAPI is reaching a crescendo. A good one.

I hope that you are having fun writing during your hiatus and I cannot wait to have what you’re cooking up over here.
7/14/2018 c9 guest
excellent writing!
7/15/2018 c8 18RoyaldragonSevgisi15
Amazing story so far I really really love it and I can't thank you enough for having this awesome idea! It's so nice and fluent to read and I especially love how in character everyone actually is! That means a lot to me thank you so much for that! I have just one little thing to say about your questions at the end! I really really really really really don't want to read about natsu doing something so... uncharacteristic and pervy you know? It doesn't fit him at all and I don't like the idea of him actually doing that! So please I'm begging you please don't make him do it please! But other than that I love this story pleaseeee update soon! Take care!
7/13/2018 c9 booksandanime17
School just started for me and I was only able to read this today. I'm happy that Lucy's training is going so well and that she's improving. I'm looking forward to her training. I'm glad that you even incorporate the lives and perspective of the other members. I hope that the other guild members will be able to help Lucy cope up with life. That letter at the end though. It was so heartbreaking and so sad. I cried at it. I really hope that Natsu will realize that Lucy is very special to him and that he's so lucky to have her. Looking forward to the next update. Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for the update.
7/12/2018 c9 11LovelyLovelyLove
Love this! I cant wait to read more
7/12/2018 c9 Weevilcat
That note was beautiful, I started tearing up
7/12/2018 c9 4MorriganFae
Saying I miss you is like saying I love you?! My heart just collapsed in upon itself and now only goo remains.

Loved the fight with Laxus. He’s stubborn and the description of the Capricorn star dress was sublime. I liked how you added Lucy was actually inadvertently draining Capricorn and they need to find equilibrium while training.

Juvia using Gray as a body pillow? Living the dream.

Gajeel! I love this conversation with Juvia! Of course he loves Levy! But him being such a great friend (just as long as no one sees his soft side) is so in character.

Natsu helping Ari and wanting to take on All The Bad Guys Before Lunch is very him (as long as he has a first, second and third breakfast.)

7/11/2018 c3 18RoyaldragonSevgisi15
Wow how awesome! I really love the idea of telling what happened in that time gap! It's so interesting and I can't wait to read more of it! Thank you so much for posting such a great story! Please update soon I'd love to read more! Take care!
7/11/2018 c9 23kaybae21
I think you capture Lucy's fighting spirit, but also inner turmoil really well. I'm also a sucker for grayxlucy bonding, so this chapter was just very fun (and heart wrenching) for me to read. Looking forward to the next update!
7/10/2018 c9 Guest
OMG - A Lalu moment! GO LUCY for telling Laxus off! I loved it when Laxus told Lucy Natsu is lucky. On so many levels. I just loved it.

Plus? Evergreen's snoring is hilarious. I have been around people that have sleep apnea...it IS disturbing!

Speaking of just loving, you wrote a Gray section just for me! Stripped shirt, perverted thought and all! God bless his stripping habit.

Incredible training session! I love the idea of Lucy sparring (and winning) against Laxus! And Laxus being challenged again that he wants to train with her again! Good idea to have a spirit guard her though...although I'm quite sure that neither Loke or Virgo are great choices. lol. Virgo would probably encourage a romantic interlude.

Jose Portapotty (snort) What an interesting take on the Phantom Lord city. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Sadly, I do think Juvia would have talking Gray dolls made. The phrases were hilarious though.

I made the mistake of googling an image of panoptes...before bed. Well. Shit.

AGH! Gray! I love how he's TRYING to help Lucy because he cares, but he's so misguided! DON'T DO IT! Give the letter to Natsu somehow!
7/11/2018 c9 they.call.me.Bridge
Jose Portapotty xD

I am bouncing with excited anticipation for Gajeel to ask Levy about Gajevy. He’s so clueless about it but so hung up on it. I cant wait for the adorable embarrassment to come!

Laxus eyeing up Lucy? My my my. What a saucy man. I feel like he Fully intended the dress ripping off phrase to sound like that. I wouldnt put it past him to actually do it too cause Lucy is a bombshell and he does love his models. I loved they entire sparring match with Lucy. I always loved Capricorn alot and i love all the little things with his star dress that you did. Greek mythology ftw!

Evergreen’s snoring xD i legit died at every jab thrown at her for it. “They make lacrima for that” yeeees xD

I also love how Gray just makes himself a key everytime he wants to drop by. Like oh you’re not home its ok ill basically lock pick into your house and break in but im better than everyone else doing the same thing because i have the decency to use a key. Totally reasonable. I’m curious as to exactly what book he was ever so nonchalantly obsessed with? Or at least what genera it was. Was it a smut? Im gonna make a judgment call and say it was smut. Would explain why it took precedent over training to kill END. One must first um...fulfill themselves before fulfilling destiny. I could see Gray reading smut 3

Lastly, im crying. Like actual tears and for once its not from laughing. Lucy’s letter right at the end. It was so beautiful. It was so moving and heartachy and thats actually not a word but oh fucking well itll work. Like my heart was squeezing in pain. She misses him so much T.T and she basically just admitted to him that she loves him even though he hasnt read it. I hope he does. I hope Gray meets up with him somewhere and freezes his mouth shut so he’ll shut up for two minutes and listen to Gray tear into him about all the pain he’s caused Lucy and then freeze the letter to his head! Lucy im coming to hug you (>T.T)>
7/10/2018 c9 stranger1999
the letter left me with tears in my eyes!it was so heartfelt
and did Ari's brown eye remind him of Lucy's eye?is that why he felt the way he did?
and why do I have the feeling Gray will give the letter to Natsu when he says him again after one year!xD
the fight was absolutely amazing!I love star dress!
can't wait for the next chapter!
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