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7/10/2018 c9 20ShanaHollows
I had an entire review written and it didn't post! What the heck?

Summary: You rock. You wrote Gray's scenes just for me, minus the end where he's sleeping in the kitchen...AMAZING chapter.

I'm hoping the other review did get posted. It was quite detailed. :(
7/10/2018 c9 1Trifan
This was a great chapter. I love so much about it.

The star dress scene: the lore of Capricorn and how it translated to star dress powers, Capricorn punching Laxus, the way they used fighting with Laxus as a catalyst, Horologium protecting Lucy from Laxus, Lucy putting up such a fight... That whole segment was great. And the bond Lucy and Capricorn have, the way he understands her like no one else, is so sweet.

The apartment: first the Thunder Legion, then Gray (who clearly did not get out in time), then Juvia... I don't even know why Gray spent the night other than that Juvia made him, but it's hilarious. I just love how that apartment is so often invaded. And that aside about how territorial Natsu gets about Lucy's bedroom is great. I wonder what Mira will think when Elfman tells her about all of Lucy's house guests.

Natsu: I hadn't made the connection with Oak Town, but this makes so much sense! I'm glad the mission turned out to be more interesting than a giant monster hunt, and this way Natsu is happy because he gets to fight a whole town of dark wizards. I am a little surprised he didn't react to the girl saying Fairy Tail had been disbanded.

Juvia: Her friendship with Gajeel is amazing and I thank you for giving it attention. Gajeel is a good friend for worrying and helping with her stuff, and Juvia is a good friend for looking out for his love life. I wonder if Levy will identify Gajevy as a ship name? Also, Juvia was being nice to Lucy, which I feel like I don't see nearly enough of generaly.

This was all amazing. Thank you.
7/10/2018 c9 Grimnack
Oooooowwwww... Why?! You were making this seem like things were picking up but that letter... My heart...
6/11/2018 c8 ShanaHollows
Sorry about the Guest Review, but I have to add to your thought at the bottom. Natsu DEFINITELY jacks off. He's a closet perv. I'm certain of it. Probably waits for Happy to be asleep...but Happy is not actually sleeping...because he's Happy...and Happy is a perv too.
6/11/2018 c8 20ShanaHollows
Sorry for the late review! FINALLY got to read this piece of gold!

Poor Lucy! She's going to be alone so soon, but i AM curious how she's going to spend the year that Natsu is gone. I always thought Wendy was sort of like a sister-lookalike to Jellal. They were so cute when they traveled together in the series. He looked after her like a big brother. Jellal and Erza's kids would be interesting...with Erza's temper and Jellal's patience. What a paradox!

It always makes me sad when I think about Natsu thinking about Lucy like he does...but he left her anyway. GO HOME AND GET HER, NATSU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

The Thunder Legion in Lucy's home...I wonder if that will be less destructive than Natsu and Happy? lol I can see Laxus accidentally charging all her kitchen appliances. Poor Lucy getting zapped for days.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/10/2018 c8 5wordsaremyspells1331
You indicated in a Wendy scene that she and Natsu are far more observant than they let on. If the occasion 'arose' I think Natsu absolutely would jerk off on someone's roof. Then promptly burn their house down upon release. I doubt Happy would care, but I think Natsu would be careful enough to do it only when he was alone.

In other thoughts, I really like their "letters" to one another. It's precious.
6/10/2018 c7 wordsaremyspells1331
Gajeel and his obsession with arresting people! Super awesome scene with Wendy. We don't see those two interact enough.
6/10/2018 c4 wordsaremyspells1331
HAPPY KICK! haha cute
6/8/2018 c8 MissVarta
6/8/2018 c8 4noseinabook145
Natsu most definitely jacks off. Anyone who sneakily sleeps on Lucy's boobs is has total perv mojo.
6/7/2018 c8 1Trifan
Wendy had a blast with Lamia Scale if I remember right, so I'm kinda happy for her if nothing else. And she likes beer. No one tell Cana or Mira.

That is such a Levy dilemma to have. Thank Mavis for Lily. And the way she tricked Gajeel into carrying her luggage... that was great. Although I'm a little surprised they don't have weight reduction spells as available as size change spells. Whatever, Gajeel's pain is amusing. And maybe Levy will take pity and make him a cart or something.

That was sad when Levy and Lucy had their confrontation, but at least they didn't really fight.

The Thunder Tribe in Lucy's apartment was perfect and I can't wait for them all to be reluctant to leave. Maybe they'll stick around an extra day or two, just for Laxus's health.

You know my feelings on Natsu's sex drive well, but for the sake of brevity, yes. I think he mastrubates. Hard to say about Happy. Natsu never seems to care about his own exposure.

All together a good chapter. Looking forward to Cana.
6/7/2018 c8 1Bakers28
I think he totally would tbh hahaha. Also the comment about Natsu using Lucy’s boobs as pillows killed me XD. Last thought, its actually really sweet how Natsu has started speaking aloud to Lucy. It reminds me of how she always writes letters to her mother.

Anyways, amazing chapter! Your writing is a delight to read as always.
6/7/2018 c8 they.call.me.Bridge
“The little dragon in his pants” xD o my god i loved it probably far too much. I do tend to love a closeted pervy Natsu. Acting all innocent but getting off here n there. Also yaaaas to the Wendy meme. I totally know the one! Ive also seen one where she’s the equivalent to a Gajeel/Levy child. Speaking of my favorite ship...i like that he tries to mentally make excuses for checking out her ass. Such a Gajeel thing to do. I cant wait to see how the whole suitcase thing plays out because a devious Levy is the beat Levy. Like i can just picture her wheeling around on some script-made bike with Lily in one of those front baskets just peddling circles around Gajeel as he struggles to move her entire fucking library xD god i love how you portray those two so much. Love ya <3 fangirl out o/
6/7/2018 c8 Grimnack
I knew you were going to be piling on the angst and emotional pain but I had to read this chapter anyway and I was not disappointed. What with the interaction between Lucy and Wendy... and then immediately afterwards with Levy. Natsu should have been more mature with regards to the women within Fairy Tail, but Shounen. Honestly I don't think Happy cares.
6/7/2018 c8 stranger1999
Its like every chapter slowly increases the amount of heartbreak sure to come
Poor Gajeel wouldn't know what hit carrying levy's suitcase
Im pretty sure she planned it
Clever lil cutie.. XD
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