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1/25/2018 c5 3charbrown226
Shatter my heart, why dontcha.
1/25/2018 c5 4MorriganFae
Gajeel and Levy need to confess their love already.

Lucy’s letter was like Natsu’s attention span, short but sweet. Lol

Great installment and nice to see a Falling update!
1/25/2018 c5 Grimnack
So much angst. You really know how to work with those subtle pulls at the feels. I feel bad for poor Wendy. She wants to be supportive but is scared to do what she needs to do. The Feels abound.
1/3/2018 c4 26the-lionness
"Happy Kick" sound SO much more adorable than Lucy Kick. Happy Kick sounds like you hear a squeak toy at the end.
I wonder how you're going to lead to Lucy writing for Sorcere or tracking FT members...or how you're going to have Natsu talk with Gildarts (who is one of my favorite characters you forget exists until he comes out of nowhere and fucks shit up).
1/1/2018 c4 4noseinabook145
I would totally love to see Natsu take on something ice related! Also can't wait to see some of Lucy's training.
12/30/2017 c4 stranger1999
Soon levy will leave too..right? :(
I think natsus the type to just randomly pick the jobs without even checking to see what's on them..XD
12/29/2017 c4 7Satyrykal
How had I missed this story before? I love it! I'm curious to know if gray has left already or not. you said he 2ad away, but also Erza was the first to leave. will Lucy have a chance to say goodbye? Does anyone know about Aquarius? Does levy HAVE to leave? it makes me so sad. I'm also getting feels and we both know how it comes back together. as for quests, it would be fun to see one at hakobe mountain again, or akane resort. I think Alan is fairly close to hargeon. last thing. I ADORE Happy in this. he is so on point it isn't even funny!

12/29/2017 c4 13waiting-for-you443
Wonderful writing, as always. I think it would be really fun to see Natsu tackle a job on Mt. Hakobe. That gives him more opportunities to reminisce about (and miss) Lucy. Plus, the ice would piss him off. Haha.
12/29/2017 c4 bahall1964
I am really enjoying your story. I love the interaction between Natsu, Lucy and Happy. I can't wait to see where you go with them from here. I especially can't wait until Lucy realizes that Natsu loves her and she isn't alone. Keep up the great writing.
12/29/2017 c4 Grimnack
Fiend. I love this chapter! and hate it so much at the same time. This is exactly how I pictured things happening... one person or group of people at a time. leaving. The feels are real. Natsu and Happy should argue over the jobs without looking at them and pick a job they're more than capable of doing, but totally unsuited for, completely at random (to settle the argument) like magic tricks at a kid's birthday party.
12/29/2017 c4 4MorriganFae
You shatter my heart into a million pieces, Riot. The loneliness that Lucy feels as her friends drift away. And Natsu and Happy. I’m so glad Happy kicked Natsu in the face!

As for missions...definitely some diplomatic mission. Because Natsu would be “how hard can it be?” but we all know tact and even paying attention when he’s bored aren’t the fire mage’s strong suits. That’s my recommendation!

Great chapter! I just hate seeing Lucy like this. She belongs with Natsu and Happy!
12/29/2017 c4 20ShanaHollows
A punch...right to the gut. Seeing Natsu pining for her like that...I hope that's what happened because in the manga, it was like he barely missed her! And it hurts because we all know Levy will disappear with Gajeel and Lucy will be left all alone. Ugh! And you say I'm the one who perfected angst!
12/15/2017 c3 NPC Energy
This needs to be continued. It's too good to be dropped.
11/7/2017 c3 5artistofthemind
Are you trying to break my heart? This is so amazing!
11/1/2017 c3 23Forbidden-Hanyou
Great update! Keep up the good work!
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