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3/16/2021 c4 3Diana9922
Azula is with Sokka it's great I can't wait for him to get married and have kids together.
When will the next step be taken?
4/1/2019 c1 Guest
Hi! Please review all my stories!


I will keep asking until you do!

10/26/2018 c4 Guest
Ur story is shit make this knightshade
11/19/2017 c1 23Fokusas
Is that a reference to Seyary's Gladiator i see here? :D
11/9/2017 c4 to-anyone316
great chapter! i'm loving the sibling drama between sokka and katara lol. I'd've done the same thing if I were Sokka, leaving everything in her hands so she can know how difficult his job is. can't wait for the next update!
11/8/2017 c4 4crapshak50
11/2/2017 c3 8prinsesseazula
This was funny! Poor Azula! XD I hope we get to know how she and Suki got so close? Looking forward to your next update!
10/3/2017 c2 prinsesseazula
I love this first two chapters! *-* update soon!
9/28/2017 c2 to-anyone316
great chapter! everything is so mysterious right now. definitely can't wait to see what exactly is going on between all these characters. can't wait for the next update!
9/27/2017 c1 to-anyone316
Totally in love with this story already! It's so cute to see Azula acting bashful, and it's funny how Zuko's the one to embarrass her. I read the lyrics to Surefire and damn, what a perfect Sokkla song! Can't wait for the next update!
9/27/2017 c1 3DemonQueen69
Please update soon I was only on the second sentence and I was hooked

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