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9/3/2018 c1 LdYIO
Veri n1c3IJUst0ri98
9/25/2017 c1 9LiddoAiren
Hey there! You're back in the Maple Story fandom!

You bring up some pretty interesting perspectives in this story. It's true, filling in the shoes of the one who was once called the greatest magician in the world is pretty difficult, and for a little boy no less. It also doesn't help that Evan and Freud share many physical traits, with the only difference being Evan looking like a younger, less mature version of Freud.

Still, while I understand why Evan might feel discouraged at the heroes being disappointed that he isn't Freud, rather than spend time hating Freud for it, I feel it's more in character for him to search for a better solution. I feel if he wants to prove that he isn't Freud, he'll to do it in a way that will get the heroes to acknowledge him, simply by becoming better. Besides, it's not like he'll be doing it alone. Evan and Mir are connected, so it's wouldn't be surprising for Mir to be Evan's moral support when he's feeling down.

Anyway, great story! I might start playing my Evan again now.

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