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for Escape From the Bottom of the Hill

9/26 c20 Vadercat60
Don't leave me hanging, is there going to be an attempt on Callen's life or will you give the story a tame ending?
9/1 c20 Guest
So excited to see this update. Please keep more coming frequently. Thanks!
9/1 c20 28knirbenrots
Ah, there he is again. Glad to have an update!
8/31 c20 trscrny
What a nice surprise to see a new chapter of this story. Thank you so much. Loved it. I could feel Callen's frustration at not being able to join in the interrogation-that's how good your writing is! Hope you'll be able to gift us with another chapter soon. Also hope you and your loved ones are well.
Stay safe,
8/11 c18 Pam11
I know when I reviewed before I was excited that you had decided to finish this story and you have done an excellent job. Please finish it !
4/28 c19 Pam11
Thank you for finishing this story!
Can’t wait for the next part.
3/25 c19 knirbenrots
So good to see you back in here with this chapter. The tension, knowing there's more going to happen.

Hope all is okay with you. Just stay safe too
3/24 c19 6ssl71
Welcome back! This was a great chapter. Glad Hetty insisted Kensi was checked out by the doctors. Callen, Sam and Deeks wouldn’t relax until they had confirmation she was okay.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
3/24 c2 Swedecoder
Thanks for continuing Windimere Wellen's excellent story. I'm reading yours again and for the first time noticed the EMT's names are Chris, Todd and Miguel. Clever!
3/22 c19 Guest
French Fan
Great chapter !
3/22 c19 Guest
Thanks for the new chapter! Anxiously waiting for the next one.
3/22 c19 trscrny
Good and interesting chapter! I like how Callen is aware of what's going on even though he seems to be dozing! Very glad to find a new chapter of this story. Keep 'em coming please!
Stay safe,
1/17 c18 28knirbenrots
Hi, glad to hear from you, read this story.
Kensi and Deeks did a great job. How frustrating it must it be for Callen to see this from a distance...
11/7/2020 c17 Maria
Excellent story... can't wait for the next instalment...soon please...
10/26/2020 c17 Vadercat
Diabolical leaving the story in a cliff hangar. I presume you will explain how he knew she was an agent? and I look forward to how you get Ms. Blye out of her predicament?
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