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10/26/2020 c17 Vadercat
Diabolical leaving the story in a cliff hangar. I presume you will explain how he knew she was an agent? and I look forward to how you get Ms. Blye out of her predicament?
10/26/2020 c17 28knirbenrots
Oh... crap! Didn't see that coming. I hope Deeks'll be in time to get her out!
Love the writing!
10/25/2020 c17 trscrny
WooHoo.,..very good chapter., Not enough Callen but at least he got to participate in things unfolding. Not very good things, esp. for Kensi. More soon please. Loving this a lot. Stay safe and thank you for the new chapter.
10/25/2020 c17 1altarp2408
Oh my Kensi never had a chance?

Deeks is going to be on mad responder.

Now who is the insider iving out info?
9/29/2020 c16 28knirbenrots
Yeah, great chapter! How I love plans like these. They really fit Callen, no matter how poor his condition is.
Reminds me of that quote of the A-team: 'I love it when a plan comes together' :)
9/28/2020 c16 HFlorence
An interesting chapter. I look forward to seeing how this works out for Callen. I am not from California so I don't know the area either, but it all seems to work at least for the story line.
9/27/2020 c16 Guest
Great update. As far as I'm concerned you could continue this for 50 chapters. Thanks for this chapter. Please keep writing.
9/27/2020 c16 trscrny
I am really really liking this story! I esp. love how Callen is able to convince people to go along with his ideas! Great writing and characterizations.
Thank you,
9/6/2020 c15 trscrny
Thanks so much for a new chapter of this story. Can't wait to see what the plan is! Hope you are well and safe. Thank you again,
9/6/2020 c15 Guest
This sounds exciting! I enjoy Callen in peril and hurt with lots of opportunities for comfort. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks!
9/6/2020 c15 Guest
French fan
Thank you for this great story.
As a french, i read english but i do not write very fine
Fantastic job
9/6/2020 c15 Knirbenrots
You bet Callen can plan, alrhough he's not able to work in this case. I'd love to see how this works out!
8/25/2020 c14 Vadercat
First thank you very much for continuing this story and making an effort to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion. I'm guessing you have another chapter of two before the conclusion unless you want to add another chapter by having an attempt on Callen's life as you have been alluding to with Sam being a mother hen.
FYI, because Callen was in a coma for so long, there is no way his stomach could tolerate a burger he'd be up chucking it after two bites. Too hard on the stomach, as much as he would desire something better they start you off with broths and sorbets for a reason, then they move to soft foods for 2 or 3 days and then reintroduce more solid foods, just nothing with a lot of grease or fat in it. This to help your future writing. Think about when you are ill with the flu or something else, do you really feel like jumping into a fat laden meal, your 1st day back on the mend? Put yourself in place of your character if in doubt, would you do whatever if the situation was reversed? Most characters, even dare Devils like Callen and Sam do things with a purpose in mind.

Anyways, I really appreciate you picking up the story and trying to finish it. I wish more writers in fan fiction would have the courage to go back and finish their stories. We, the reader, leave you comments to encourage you to continue. We have a vested interest in your story and nothing and I mean nothing is more frustrating to us to get through pages and pages of a story only to be abandoned because yo the writer lost your purpose. At the very least clean up the loose ends in the story, we can infer on our own, though it is not as satisfying as you ending your story as you know what you planned for the end.
Beginning, middle, end is a much, much better story then a beginning and middle with more questions then answers. Do you like reading stories with your questions left unanswered?
8/23/2020 c14 Guest
Glad to see another chapter. Please update again soon. Thanks.
8/23/2020 c14 trscrny
Thank you so much for the new chapter, for letting us "visit" Callen at the hospital as well as for the shoutout! I'm enjoying this story and am eager to see Callen's reaction when Hetty shares her info. Thank you for sharing your talents!
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