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for Escape From the Bottom of the Hill

5/21/2018 c7 45LostForeverInHisEyes
Liked the interaction between Michelle and Hetty here. Not sure I've seen much in the show yet with it but what you've written fits what I've seen so far.

Well done. Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/21/2018 c6 LostForeverInHisEyes
It's nice to glimpse Sam and Michelle here. I know in the show putting these kind of scenes in doesn't work because it's more about the action and case rather than the important background relationships so fanfiction is the way to get that side of the characters show.

Great job.
5/21/2018 c5 LostForeverInHisEyes
Laughed at Sam saying Shoo to Hetty!

I forgot to mention a couple of chapters ago that I think you are doing a great job with how you are writing Granger, and the others of course, but it's always that little bit difficult to write someone who's not as big a part of the show as the team.

Almost caught up.
5/20/2018 c4 LostForeverInHisEyes
You write the medical details in quite a lot of details - is that pure research or actual knowledge?

Hopefully not skull drilling required.
5/20/2018 c3 LostForeverInHisEyes
Something really simple but fits so well:
"He got in beside the steering wheel of the SUV and waited for Hetty to climb in beside him." Fits so well. Granger would simply get in while Hetty's climbs! Not necessarily something I would've thought to detail. Well done.

I had to look again at the part where Nell was contemplating Callen's phone because I thought it rang at first!

Question - Callen having bad reactions to sedatives? Is that something we find out in the show or something you've brought in for this? Just curious
5/20/2018 c2 LostForeverInHisEyes
I can really see Sam reacting this way. Fighting to hold on rather than collapsing (which he had every right to do considering what he'd been through himself) until he was sure Callen was safe (as safe as he could be considering).

Great job.
5/20/2018 c1 LostForeverInHisEyes
Thank you for continuing this. I checked out the other story and found it was one I read a long time ago.

I like the way you didn't have the first car stop for Sam and went into why. Makes perfect sense.

Hetty and Granger to the rescue and hopefully the EM are the good guys!
5/20/2018 c7 2JaniceS
This was such a tender chapter and it was nice to see Michelle come into the storyline. I'm sure she is a grounding force for Callen as well. I'm so glad you took it upon yourself to see the completion of this story, you have given it justice. Awesome job!
5/20/2018 c7 28knirbenrots
Michelle... just love and miss her too. It ‘s good you bring her in hete. Indeed, she is just as concerned about her husband’s partner an uncle Callen to their kids.
Great chapter and like Hetty I still am worried about who is behind this.
4/29/2018 c6 Vadercat
Are you still writing on this? I hope you will finish the story, it's very good and I would hate to see it abandoned.
4/20/2018 c6 14Phoebe Darling
Awesome. When will G wake up.
4/8/2018 c6 CrystalPearl17
Great start, please come back and finish soon. Would like to see where you take the story if Callen does need the monitoring device. Please come back and finish.
11/25/2017 c6 6ssl71
Hetty and Sam are looking out for their boy. Hopefully Kensi, Deeks and the Wonder Twins will figure out what led to the guys getting captured. Miss Michelle dearly!
11/24/2017 c6 28knirbenrots
We’re missing Michell so much... Such a great chapter - once again! Thank you
11/11/2017 c5 2JaniceS
And the hardest part is the waiting; waiting for Callen to wake up and for the team to find out who did this. I'm so glad you carried this story on. Thank you.
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