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2/22/2021 c2 2azroykusanagi
good.I prefer E and F because in the end, for me Malay archipelago might become an empire with Brunei as shadow kage and Malaysia as the hokage.
4/24/2020 c1 3last admiral

Could you please remind me which Izuku FanFiction? I forgot which one.
4/24/2020 c1 X
It’s me “X” just here to say thank you for agreeing with my harem idea from that Izuku FanFiction story.
5/29/2019 c2 Sleipnir
Hey saya dari Malaysia juga.
9/25/2018 c1 3Modern Military Power
As far as a military response goes, a proper one anyway, your looking at 12-24 hours, with tanks taking another day. However it won't take more than an hour for the air force to turn those dragons into chunks. It's a decent start, but I don't know much about Malaysia, so I can't really answer how the country would feel towards another "Caucasian invader" as you put it. As far as an international response would be, I'd expect Indonesia, Australia, the United States, and maybe the Philippines and Thailand. Relations with Singapore are not the best right now. I also can't really comment on religion, given my views on the topic. Not a good idea to try and send missionaries to convert people. The U.N. might have some observers to ensure no human rights violations. The World Health Organization will also need to be present to make sure we don't contract a plague and vis versa.
8/21/2018 c1 deleted user 262f636
ok so here are a few suggestions:

3. keep the UN out, please. cause you see the UN would get in the way.

2. Indonesia and Singapore, please.

1. is it possible for Malaysia to just attack the empire without invoking the FPDA treaty? I mean if you want to be super-nationalist then I think you shouldn't add them in.

4. this is up to you cause idk.

5. Malaysian tanks, airforce and a shit ton of arty

6 D, go for D

8. no please, no religion.

9. well you see according to the GATE wiki gods are connected to the planet. so if you wanna kill em real bad destroy the planet. or try using nukes. either than this two methods it is going to be impossible to kill them. you can't kill something that doesn't exist physically.

10. in order to kill an apostle you must destroy the whole body. like totally disintegrate them. if not they will regenerate.

11. up to you. go with source material I guess

12. no. it will be EU all over again
8/21/2018 c2 deleted user 262f636
are you still writing this story?
5/14/2018 c2 rakyat marhaen
Terus terang je lah aku cakap. Rasa macam kanser dah merebak kat seluruh otak aku baca benda ni. Tulis semula, buat research, baiki gaya penulisan, berhenti guna SFX, malas aku nak cakap lagi.

Ko nak benci DAP, itu ko punya pasal. But this writing style really makes you either like a kid or a retarded writer especially with that unnecessary stupid words. This definitely kills the mood of the readers and pacing of the story.

Ni bukan kali pertama fanfic camni ditulis, banyak lagi macam kau punya. Last2 kena gun down dengan penulis veteran. Baik turunkan dan delete cerita ni der. Belajar camner nak tulis dulu. Ini bukan marah atau mengutuk, ini teguran. Orang Malaysia ni susah nak terima teguran. terima je dengan hati yang terbuka.
4/28/2018 c2 Sleipnir
Plz update more
11/18/2017 c2 SnitchPogi12
Here's my suggestion:
1. I would like to see ASEAN as a complete Military coalition inside the GATE you know as an alliance.

2. I suggest all ASEAN countries except Cambodia, Brunei and Laos, I also want US or India would join the coalition.

3. The UN's Role is to observe the situation.

I agree with Fareasy Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or even Christianity should not be spread on Falmart or in special zone because you know what happens in Syria, Iraq or Marawi city in my country, Philippines.

11/5/2017 c2 Fareasy
Why hello there, ape kabar bro. Just browsing around and stumbled upon your fanfic. I must say, it immediately caught my eye, since it was the first time I saw a fic involving GATE and Malaysia. So, I've went on ahead and read chapter 1. It was pretty interesting indeed-and I was intrigued by your take on how everything kicks off at the start of GATE. Now, I see you have some questions that would like answered and I'd be more than happy to give you my opinion. Plus, I read other reviews and saw some misconception that I would like to clarify.

1. I would say not long, more or less a week or so. The fastest FPDA reinforcement would be from Singapore. They could easily send rotor-wing and airborne support from Sembawang and Changi air base through Johor. Most notably the Singapore Guards, which is the equivalent of the US Marines. And possibly some armoured support if Malaysia request so, for example the Leopard 2SG. Other countries will definitely take some time to send support (because of the ocean factor) and since it would be a boots on ground battle, there's no reason to be sending warships other than to escort supplies to Malaysia. They could also send Spec. Op. units like the SAS, SASR and NZSAS. But if it's power projection you want, the UK could send the RMC (Royal Marine Commandos), and also some MBTs, AFVs and SPGs like the Challenger 2s, Warrior IFVs and AS-90s.

2. Possibly the US or other NATO members. I guess they would send supplies rather than an army since Malaysia already have FPDA support.

3. Ah, the UN. Again, if Malaysia already have FPDA support, there's no reason to be sending army units. The UN's role could be "policing", overseeing the damage caused by the Empire, and give them the worthy punishment, judging them at the Hague.

4. It would be considered treason and a dereliction to duty, and punishment for treason is death, or imprisonment and a hefty fine.

5. Answer in number 1 would be enough.

6. Maybe a mix of A, B and F. Not becoming a UN peacekeeping force per say, I'd say more of force seeking justice for the damage caused by the Empire and let them answer at the Hague. Also, definitely be kind to the locals, and seek out a friendly relationships with other kingdoms. No need the hostility, since the guilty are the Empire's leaders. Also, there's no need for racism and a matter taking out anger on someone else, be respectable human beings. Now, IF Zorzal manage to screw things up and war is the only solution, make sure only the guilty dies, and civilians are not to be in the crossfire. (I hope you know the etiquette of war in Islam, here's what I know.)
-DO NOT harm civilians, especially the old, women and children
-DO NOT destroy food, i.e. live stock and crops
-Respect other religions and DO NOT destroy their place of worship
-NEVER kill in anger

8. None. I'd rather let them be with their own or no religion at all. The spread of our own religion is not necessary. Remember, there WON'T be any force to accept one's religion. And it would be a hard and touchy subject for other readers. Can't please everyone? Then don't.

9. A complicated subject that would need a long deliberation to nail properly. It's not as easy as 'tangkap jin dalam botol'.

10. Again, a complicated subject. It's not as easy as you think. Better give it some thought. It's not something a mere human can deal with a gun or any other weapons for that matter. Maybe a nuke or two? I'd rather not involve nukes though. Political agendas, that's why.

11. Befriend her, get her on your side. Maybe then, you can have an edge to deal with the other apostles, but still would be far-fetched. Plus, it's not cool to kill off a main character.

12. Nah, won't be necessary, let them be with their own politics. Malaysia is only there to seek justice.

There, that's all my answers and opinions. I hope it'll help you with your fanfic. You can use them, or not, it's not big of a deal. I'm just giving you options. PM me if you need more help, like weaponries and stuff. P.S. I like weapons, lol.

Now, I see you throwing around the word jihad. While the meaning of itself is a fight against the enemies of Islam it's also misunderstood as holy war. In modern days, jihad is a struggle against oneself's sin. Make good with other people is considered jihad. Studying for knowledge is also considered jihad. Restraining your from doing bad is considered jihad as well.

Malaysia today is fighting against extremism, a clear example is the Johor's Sultan. He made it clear that there will be no extremists in his state and will not tolerate such behavior. He said that this not a taliban state. We must consider that we live in a multiracial country and must respect other religions and beliefs. In short and easy words, make peace, don't fight, we're all human beings after all. Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh!
11/5/2017 c1 Fareasy
love to help with proofreading as well
10/7/2017 c2 Guest
Quick question whay about singapore and indonesia?
9/29/2017 c1 Guest
may be the rich bastard plane crashed in the special reigon after heavy turbulance and he was rescued by leigon and was seen as a higher being and he betrayed malaysia by selling guns as he carried many guns in his plane and became a general in the leigon
9/29/2017 c2 The Reader
First of all good work on this fic but I wonder when the other story update like just cause btw empire is fuck up because of Malaysia
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