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2/25 c1 Guest
1/30 c6 11Darraiter
I got that "i petrify with my heart" reference
1/30 c2 Darraiter
"He then ran at them and threw punches at Batman, who could barely deflect them, as Alex was a martial artist as well"...you do know that Batman is like the ultimate martial artist, right? He sucker punches monsters like Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy and Bane. He can keep up with assassins like Cooper head and Deathstroke. You can say that Alex is maybe stronger than your average person, but... Come on, we are talking about Batman! He can't be having so much trouble just because the other guy has wood on his arms!
10/29/2017 c5 8Master Skywalker 121
I look forward to seeing more of this. Also I like seeing Poison Ivy fanfics and you ace her personality. Keep up the wonderful work you do.
10/5/2017 c4 15Ryanwan
I might someday but right now I’ve got like five or more stories I’m writing so I’ll be doing those, but if an idea of how to do it comes to me I will
10/2/2017 c4 Ssj shadow
Is it going to be a combination of the batsman game and the show with extra character's please continue and can you please make a fan fiction about Pamela and Barbara getting infected with the chemicals and Barbara being an anti hero please think about it
10/2/2017 c3 Ssj shadow
So are ivy and oak going after Barbara next or are they going to be anti hero's and can make a fan fiction were Barbara and Pamela get hit with the chemicals please think about it please
10/2/2017 c2 Ssj shadow
Poison oak not bad name so they no who batgirl is are they going to turn her into a human plant to get her on their side and can you make a fan fiction about Pamela and Barbara getting hit with the chemicals please think about it please
10/2/2017 c1 Ssj shadow
Nice adding Alex and him being redlers nephew and mood armour and powers ceep going please

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