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3h c64 SavageWizar9000
63: Lilith v. Thaumiel (confirmed)

64: Persephone v. Zahhak (confirmed)

65: Morningstar v. Techbane (confirmed)

66: Lilith v. Jester (please)

67: Cassiel v. Merlin (maybe?)

68: Terminus v. Jester

69: Cassiel v. Zahhak

70: Morningstar v. Jester

71-72: Morningstar v. Zahhak

73: S2 epilouge.
3h c64 42NewComer1
Hello scififan599!

It's been awhile since I made a review for this story of yours, but I've been reading it whenever a new chapter comes out. It's been like half a year since I last reviewed your story (the last time was in December of last year).

In this chapter, we have a duel between Zahhak and Persephone. Persephone did whatever she can do, but alas, she was defeated by Zahhak. It was inevitable, but at least she earned him some respect and she went down like a champ, showing no fear of loss and absorbing into the Mirror Link VRAINS, which is essentially make her dead in a sense.

I am hoping to see lust the most for the next Cydevil Link Monster. It must be something very attractive, yet very terrifying at the same time.

For naming suggestions for the new trio of female duelists working for certain individual from Ouroboros, here are some I thought for now;

Athena, Greek goddess of war
Amateratsu, Shinto goddess of the sun
Sopdet, ancient Egyptian goddess for the star Sirius
Mawu, creator goddess in the Afro American mythology
Ishtar, Mesopotamian goddess of love, sex, war, and political power

Well, with that, I wish you luck in finishing both Chapter 65 and Chapter 35. Stay safe and see you next time.

16h c64 Ambiguous
Reading your reply it's not like Ouroboros know where Ryoken actually lives in real life do they? Plus even if they did the Tower of Hanoi can only be stopped if Terminus or Revolver lose a duel so they need not log it they can just wait it out till it went off.

Or what if Morningstar and Playmaker actually lost their duels then it would be far too late as it would have gone off then. (Makes me wonder why didn't Revolver or Terminus just drag on their turns 'thinking' and taking their time also.)
20h c64 GoblinSlayer
Cyspirit Orthrus- level 4, light, cyberse, attack 1600, defense 350
A large two headed metallic wolf skeleton with black metallic fur and tail, right head has a red eye and left head has blue eye
Effect- when this monster is used as link material for a cyspirit link monster it can count as two materials, and when this card is used to link summon a cyberse link monster that summoning can’t be negated

Cyspirit teacher- level 2, light, cyberse, tuner, attack 400, defense 1200
A metallic female skeleton with blue hair in a tight bun, a blue skirt, button up white shirt, a blue jacket, a ruler in hand, glasses, and a red eye
Effect- once per turn increase the level of all Cyspirits on field by 1 (xyz and link monsters don’t gain a level) and attack/defense by 300

Cyspirit limit reflection- spell
Cyspirit swordsman with level stars being drawn to him
Effect- target a monster on your opponent’s field or graveyard and as many Cyspirit monster as you want on your field gain a level equal to the selected monster until the end of the turn

Cyspirit reckless rival- continuous trap
A Dark magician looking into a mirror with a metallic skeleton version of itself with red and blue eyes
Effect- when your opponent normal, tribute, or special summons a monster while you have no monsters on your field you can summon this card as a monster (cyberse, light, level ?, attack ?, defense 1000) in defense mode, this cards level and attack is equal to the opponents monster, when this card attacks it’s changed to defense mode at the end phase and can’t change its battle position until the end phase of your next turn
15h c64 Big duels
Awsome chapter, not a suprise Persephone lost her Duel to Zahhak not ad all but im happy she actually managed to damage him for small amounds of damage multiple times witch got him actually to fight her more seriously than he did so far agint Nebula, Haru and even Morningstar, so the new Sin whas Gluttony this time...and of course he whas just as unfair to fight against as the other three where so far, i do so love Zahhak deck i would pay money to have the Cydemon/Cydevil Deck into real life cards

As for the question of witch of the three remaining sins i would love to see next...Wrath definitely Wrath but if a feeling he's the Link 5 Cydevil Sinful Satanael witch will face of against Morningstar ad the end of the Mirror Link Vrains Arc so that leaves Lust and Sloth, than i hope to see the deadly sin Lust the most next time he Duels hopefully against Cassiel since if bin wanting to see a Duel between the Angels and Demons for so long now and becasue Cypher did say the Cyangels had the best change of beating the Cydemons, very much hope that either Cydevil Sloth or Lust is another link 4 Monster tho

So its gonna be Techbane Vs Morningstar next...well that's it for Techbane, even with the upgrades Ouroboros gave him there's now way Morningstar is gonna loose to him, after that i hope that Merlin Duels but i can't realy see him win either no matter who he face of against probably Cassiel and because im not that really that exited for his Duel to be honest, Jester im also very exited about to see Dueling again against Terminus and Lilith like we see in the opening and ofcourse Zahhak Vs Morningstar is gonna be epic once they clash

That's all good luck on the next chapter
20h c64 FlameFireZero X
Persephone did her best damaging Zahhak and destroying one of his Cydevil Link Monsters Great Chapter. Looks like Morningstar is getting a Rematch with Techbane in the next Chapter. And don't worry take your time no need to rush I Know writing is Exhausting.
21h c64 Guest
I'm glad to finally see an update on the story and I hope you'll have Zahhak's identity be revealed soon, I'm really impatient about that part. Also, I forgot to say this beforehand, but you've only done seven code talkers in this story. Will you reveal the eighth one that represents Sachi soon or was Spiritcode Talker supposed to represent both her and Yasutake? Also, I'm just curious, but that woman Cam started seeing, is she possibly Diana? You don't have to answer of course because of spoilers, it's just been gnawing at me for awhile when I re-read one of your chapters.
23h c64 Anonymous
Something I noticed when reading, another big weakness in the cydemons. A large amount of the spells and traps state DARK cyberse in their text and not cydemon specifically. Also all their link monsters so far require DARK cyberse monsters as materials not specifically cydemon, at least for the moment.

Therefore something like DNA surgery or DNA transplant to change type and attribute respectively should throw a wedge into most of their strategies rendering their support null and void. Also preventing the revealed link monsters from being able to to be called out.

Anti cyberse or anti dark cards could work to an extent as well.
21h c64 1pokemonking0924
Something tells me that Zahhak was impressed by Persephones will and resolve especially when she knew she lost the duel
That was one of the most dramatic scenes of this story

Morningstar and Cypher are tying to figure out Lightning more after his duel with Spectre
They learned more about the light ignis’s deck and about his secret complex
Can’t wait to see their reaction when they learn of Lightnings secrets and reasons behind this war

Keep up the good work
Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for season three I also wonder how Ouroboros will affect Ai’s plans, not to mention which side Goldie and Cypher will be on if they survive the current crisis
6/18 c64 Unnamed
Maybe Morningstar can say Ouroboros can continue to hold payment on Techbane's grandfather in order to keep a leash on him. Or he'll ask will he continue to stay being a terrorist on their side even after his grandfather gets his treatment? Will Techbane be able to look at his own family in the face again after they realise the horrible things he did?

It's like making a deal with the devil where there is no going back from.

Not sure if it's too late for him though since it's your story.
6/18 c64 Noobmaster
Kinda worry about Persephone after the war will she still remain captured or be freed later with Zahhak's defeat by Morningstar given plot armour at this point? I am certain it will NOT be another loss.

Kinda interesting that Zahhak acknowledges he may lose with his last words to Persephone though it doesn't seem to be any skin off his teeth.

When will Cypher make some fire cards because he hasn't made any at all.

Hope you have Revolver feature in a duel, my best guess is after Jester beats Terminus and Lilith, as stated in the OP, Revolver will be the one to duel Jester? A duel of dragons I can see happening.

Next Windy vs Soulburner

-Techbane vs Morningstar

Bohman likely duels Blue Maiden but not certain it will be next one, so perhaps Merlin vs Cassiel,

then Jester vs Terminus and Lillith to pick up the numbers loss with Merlin and Techbane beaten

then Blue Maiden vs Bohman

Jester vs Revolver

Kusanagi vs Playmaker

Soulburner vs Bohman

then Revolver vs Lightning

then finally last 2 final battles happen at the same time in 2 different places

Bohman vs Playmaker and Morningstar vs Zahhak
6/18 c64 Jason
So when will Morningstar regain his memories!
6/18 c64 D3lph0xL0v3r

6/18 c64 5HunterHQ
Have to say I actually enjoy commentary from Yasu and the others seeing the canon duels like from Specter here.

Am curious just how have Ouroboros seen the truth on Lightning long before Revolver found out before coming to Mirror Vrains, think they know it for each ignis and Ai as well?

Have to admit Persephone put up a good fight and hopefully through this it helped Yasu and Cypher think up a few countermeasures in the future.

Reading the preview I see it's obvious Techbane's obvious loss later on. Shame he really is a glutton for punishment given his failure to beat Yasu before, am curious though after this war will he stay with Ouroboros or will they cut their losses?

I take it none of the Ouroboros members have picked up on the fact Thaumiel is now dead? I think it'd catch them by surprise it's their first actual loss of a member in a long while.

QOTC-I was thinking maybe next can be lust or sloth, last can be wrath.
6/18 c64 7SolanaLeonhart
Nice work. I have to say I really like the ideas behind the cydevil and the cyangel decks, they're so interesting. Good job with the duel too, Persephone may have lost but she went out like a true queen. I cannot wait to see what's next.
By the way, I'm curious about Jormungand. When is he going to make an appearance?
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