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11/20/2020 c2 261EnchantedRealmsFiction
So who is the original author of this story? I see another story with the same name, same summary and characters, but it's under a different pen name.
8/28/2020 c13 3SirenOfTheDarkSeas
Big oof Michelle
6/9/2020 c1 Guest
ohh it’s interesting how prussia is helping belsrus out— i never saw any diva with their friendship, so this looks promising :))
3/3/2020 c12 6K2Lover2226
I wonder if Alfred loves Natalya too
2/11/2020 c12 1PrettyLittleQueenBee
Oh my god this story is amazing, I love Ameribel
6/14/2019 c6 Kramburg
Called it!
Info-Kun is out for revenge again the Nine Rivals! I wonder who's the lucky schatzi? A version of Nyo version of Hungary or Austria?
My guess is a Female Canada, Eh?
6/2/2019 c5 Kramburg
"Oh good old blackmail!" - America
I, m sensing Natalya may use the low reputation method in taking out her Creole Seychellois rival! She may use Michelle's over confident nature to her advantage, spread gossip hurt her reputation and nether scheme a suicide or even a kidnapping.
PS. Another great chapter!
6/2/2019 c3 Kramburg
It appears Info-Kun isn't just hiring out his services for monetary gains, but seems to have a mutual goal by assisting Natalya. It appears Gilbert wants her to have no potential rivals, in her way for Alfred's affection but Why?
Is he simply playing Cupid with the pair, in atrocious way? Or is there something more reason personal to achieve? We as readers already know the identities of the Nine Love Rivals but Natayla doesn't but Gilbert knows in advance.
Does Gilbert have anything personal history with the Nine? Is he trying get rid of them by using Natalya? Is this an elaborate murder spree plot? And for what? Revenge? A lust for destruction? Or something else?... Love? And for whom?

So many questions but little in the way of answers.
6/2/2019 c2 Kramburg
The only OOC trait for Belarus is that infatuate with America instead of her older Brother, Russia. Everything else is pretty accurate from her obsession nature to her trademark stalking habits.
Queen Natalya for the win!
6/2/2019 c1 Kramburg
Love the world building with the character bios, extra points for the canonical references!
5/29/2019 c1 flawsinthisworld
Damn all these cute america ships roled into one, this looks promising!
3/16/2018 c3 6Rising from the Ashes YOLT
Evil! Delightfully evil!
2/22/2018 c1 YuiTarsis
That's a lot of characters...
12/16/2017 c2 reviewer no1
I can't wait for this OOO:
12/16/2017 c1 reviewer no1
OOOOH i can't wait. Belarus x America has always been a pairing of mine. I adore them together. 3
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