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6/28/2020 c4 Sypho Dias
...seriously? K... you have issues my man. Please update soon though! Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/20/2020 c1 No Account
Honestly I've read a lot of fanfiction and I can honestly say this is in one of my top ten favorites. I don't know if you're still updating or if you've stopped but, if you still are updating this could please do so soon.
6/2/2020 c1 NazgulBelserion
Another story that is great fuck so good they just make me happy since I'm a sadistic fuck
3/8/2020 c3 TomasDark
3/8/2020 c2 TomasDark
3/8/2020 c1 TomasDark
3/8/2020 c4 TomasDark
1/10/2020 c4 deoxeyses
Very nice
3/17/2019 c2 mmngcamphalala
Random Omnipotent Beings killed of the excitement I had for his growth in strength simce he will not work for it as hard, he will have help from some powerful being.

It would be much more satisfying if he earned power without help from Random Omnipotent Meddlesome Beings.

When I heard all that talk about prince, my hope for him using ingenuity, with and creativity to come out on top instead of bei
3/17/2019 c1 mmngcamphalala
Long chapter lots to say.

I'm hopping he'll use his byakugan to study how chakra kept heavy training from having deleterious effects on the body and quickening recovery times, then body those effects with medical Ninjutsu to the he point that he could train all day and all night. Then have full recovery within an hour.

I'm also hoping he'll continue to explore the skill tree for raw chakra manipulation application as the possibilities are endless. Chakra strings for one should have a much larger skill tree than in canon. Think about it, chakra strings apply a physical force on a puppet, that is a PHYSICAL FORCE created by raw neutral chakra in a controlled manner. The same is true for leaf sticking, water walking, chakra scalpels, chakra enhanced punches etc. It's all neutral chakra creating a physical force.

A few applications of using raw chakra to apply force are; compressing raw chakra on your fist and release it in an explosion of force you get chakra enhanced punch that blasts things AWAY from you right?
Then if you do the same on your feet with the explosion of force directed TOWARDS your own feet instead of the ground? Wouldn't you get a burst of speed similar to the body-flicker jutsu? This is possible because when you tree walk and put too little chakra you'll fall off the wall and too much you push yourself off the wall with the chakra and sometimes shatter the wall with chakra. it's probably where chakra enhanced punch is likely derived from.

Another example of raw chakra being a physical force is when you take the physical force raw chakra produces and thin it as much as possible? You get chakra scalpel.

Thin out a chakra string as much as possible and produce a thin force on the edge like a chakra scalpel? Whip Blade for mid-range attacks. With enough control make a badass chakra chainsaw disk or something

Make a thin sheet of chakra on your skin and make the thin chakra make force that pushes everything away from your skin? A possible Chakra Armour.

Above mentioned can amour in the shape of wings on your back? Chakra wings.

Mastery over this physical force of chakra puts you closer to telekinesis than chakra strings, and with mastery you could lift yourself with that force off the ground without the need for chakra wings. From there you could enhance all your movements with that force. Just look at all the things that are possible with telekinesis alone and you'll see the infinite potential. All at the cost of smart chakra control training

What's smart training? It's making sure you're always doing something difficult with your chakra control, like manipulating smaller and smaller objects, from marbles to grains of rice, to grains of sand to individual hairs, to the thinnest spider webs with the goal of controlling the web without damaging it and then going even further beyond by using magnifying glasses for seeing on the microscopic scale and manipulation them on a CELLULAR LEVEL!

There's Medical Ninjutsu that gives an image of microscopic objects like cells and it would allow you to avoid relying on magnifying glasses to train chakra control on microscopic objects.

If the force at the edge of your chakra scalpel is thinner than a single cell then not only will your control allow amazing things but there'll be little you can't cut.

A chakra enhanced punch's strength is determined by how much you can compress the chakra not chakra quantity compressed. And compression is determined by control. So if you have enough control to move individual cells? Tsunade is said to fold a paper origami without damaging them with her control and look at her chakra enhanced strength. How monstrous would her strength be If she could fold a microscopic origami?

Another benefit of cellular chakra manipulation is breeding stem cells in your body, specifically at injured parts of the body for quick regeneration. Stem cells can even regrow limbs and unlike Tsunade's Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration which regenerate
2/11/2019 c4 The armed forces
I need more chapters
1/15/2018 c4 1draconianking
More Please I Beg Of Thee
1/10/2018 c1 GoSage44
Ok one thing, you know in Japanese "Ka" is the question mark so there is no reason to put one in after you already used "Ka"
12/25/2017 c4 karuma012
F*ck! this is morbid, but I just can't resist reading it, as to quot an all to used expression "Its like a train wreck you just cant help but not look away from it" or something close to that. nice work dude! I kinda like it (in all its morbid glory).
12/24/2017 c4 truegameruser
Demons are a fact in the Naruto world. From the spoilers of summoning arts, to movie fillers of the Zero Tail Beast and that Black Dragon from the Land of Demon.

Good job! More please[
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