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1/14 c12 4The One True Nobody
I feel like Luna's skepticism actually makes enough sense that taking her memories away and just turning her straight-out into an ordinary cat is a bit of a disproportionate punishment, especially considering that in this timeline, Serena actually made no effort to... interact with Luna at all.

Like, she went out of her way to befriend the other Sailor Scouts, even Raye whom she was previously at odds with, but she's constantly and consistently leaving Luna behind to go do that, so while a ton of trust-building is going on between Serena and the Scouts, zero trust is building between Serena and Luna (or between the Scouts and Luna), so is it really surprising that Luna ends up being the one who breaks with Serena and the Scouts on the Tuxedo Mask issue?

That having been said, in canon, Luna doesn't really start to get suspicious of Tuxedo Mask quite as quickly as she seems to here. Luna does rag on Serena early on, but with understandable reasons for doing so, since Serena seems to airheadedly focus on a lot of super frivolous things (that these sometimes lead her face-first into a monster encounter she would have missed intervening in otherwise is pure happenstance). I feel like, while you acknowledge that the absence of Serena's old immaturity led to a very amicable relationship with Raye, you fail to acknowledge the effect this would also have on Luna.

The result is that the whole thing kind of comes off like garden-variety fixfiction with a side of standard-issue character bashing. I'm not really a fan of that approach.
12/24/2020 c15 Ah-naw-sue
I enjoyed this series of events from the original story. I did catch a couple continuity errors and I did feel like Luna's behavior was extreme and the punishment excessive, but overall well done.
10/29/2020 c15 smoon4409
Absolutely loved the story, will you be doing a sequel!
9/7/2020 c15 bitbit2084
Loved this story! Will there be a sequel?
8/9/2020 c15 2Wicked Lovely 17
Ooooo. Loved it!
Loved the cliffhanger at the end! Are you gonna write a sequel?
7/9/2020 c15 2kydarkangel2007
Oooo I cant wait to read more!
5/20/2020 c15 slvrphoenx
I loved this story. I’m glad you’ve set it up to continue in another story. So happy they defeated Metaria. I like how Serena & Darien used the crystals in their Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask persona’s. Interested in Darien’s new ability. Curious who the traveler is friend or foe and how Darien’s vision plays a part if it does. Great update.
5/9/2020 c15 13creativesm75
5/5/2020 c12 Egusi Soup
Too lazy to log in rn but that’s my handle if you want to PM me about my review.

SO. I had to drop the fic here. Specifically at the spot where Luna was made into a normal cat. That punishment was childish and excessive when Luna’s only crime was literally being bossy and controlling. And her bossiness and controlling behavior didn’t even bear fruit because no one even listened to her. Therefore, there was no crime committed. Serena was upset with Luna from the the beginning because of the future that hasn’t happened yet while she had given Raye a chance. Lol wooooow. Very mature of her. Then again, Serena is a brat.

Luna was treated more like a villain than the actual villains of the story. Serena could have even restored Luna’s memories from the beginning OR established her authority over Luna at the beginning. Luna’s treatment was too unnecessary and childish. I found myself wishing that Luna was able to say “So you were withholding your identity this whole time? I wouldn’t want a deceitful princess. I will leave and allow you to do as you please.” Serena needs to be checked because rn everyone is seeing no fault or wrong in her.

I do like how Darien was getting his generals back. It’s the only redeeming thing of this story.
4/27/2020 c15 MissDentistPanda
Hi, so I took me three days to finish the 15 chapters! Im highly impress with the whole story, and I absolutely love ittt~~~! it was brilliant... considere me, your fan!

Im from Central America, 24yrs lol and like you a fan of teens romance and I have read multiples books and mangas you mentioned in your profile, and love them too!

I feel that what happened with Luna, is kinda sad, and harsh, so it would be nice to see in the upcoming story, her coming back with conditions and maybe a more down to earth Luna, so Diana can exist and with Rini 3

The only mistake I saw, o well kinda confused me, is that when mom ikuko tell papa Kenji about Darien, she says he is only two years older, and in the next chapter you empathized Serena is 14 and Darien 17, so, is three years older!

Following and Favoriting both the story and you, in hopes to read more of your stories,
3 ~~ good luck and awesome writing ~~ 3
4/26/2020 c15 2CyberDragonEX
A great fic, and I look forward to its eventual sequel. It's hard sifting through the SM section for good ones, so I'm glad I found your works.

I do have a quick pair of questions, however. Do you take suggestions for potential fic ideas? And have you considered doing crossovers?
4/20/2020 c15 Curse Of Kings
Will there be a sequel?
4/6/2020 c14 yvonneloves47
4/6/2020 c14 yvonneloves47
I can't see chapter 15. I absolutely love you writing though
3/29/2020 c15 Serena7moon
Thank you so much for this great alternative story of what could have happened! Thank you so much! If the original story was like thi, it would have been so much better and interesting! I enjoyed that Serena was her best self and made so many wise decisions! And I love how everyone was fighting strategically in every single fight and learn from their mistakes! This is the best mature sailor moon story I have ever read! I can't even complain on the length at all because every chapter never felt short or long, I so love this read! I will definitely be on the lookout for your sequel to this! PS: Thank you for finishing off Luna! lol
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