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for Hannibal's Will

7/19/2020 c2 jamiefin
7/6/2018 c2 nissenote08
12/12/2017 c2 2FanWarrior16
The fic is off to a great start. :) I'll gladly read any future updates.
11/14/2017 c2 amanda.mars.42
Omg please moree! This has me hooked i hope you continue.
11/13/2017 c1 5Fafa Fai
Social services do not work like that. Mary wouldn't be able to simply say 'I do not want him' on the phone.
11/13/2017 c2 58randomplotbunny
Awesome chapter! :-D
10/3/2017 c1 city bookworm
So now Hannibal has a son. One he just met. Is Will going to have the same empathy ability and/or psychological quarks he usually has? I can't help but wonder how this will change Hannibal. It would have to in some way. Plus Will is only 9/ It is a messy awkward age. I look forward to reading more.

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