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1/17/2019 c1 Lady Helios
It serves that tramp right; I have no use for adulters. Great work, I've read quite a few of your stories and this is high on my list of favorites. Thank you.
10/1/2017 c1 10jcott3
Enjoying this series so far. I'm sure Radar's will be very touching and Margaret's should be interesting (I can't imagine Frank paying Henry's grave a visit, but feel free to surprise me).

As for Leslie, my friend and I have brainstorming a MASH Reunion story (someday I might actually get around to writing it), and wondering what a meeting between her and Mrs. Blake would be like. After all, Lorraine did have a brief fling while Henry was in Korea (she compared it to the movie "Brief Encounter").
9/28/2017 c1 34Mistress Twist
I feel like this chapter could describe all the mistresses of Henry Blake- even Nancy Sue. I never thought of Leslie's reaction to Henry's death. She kind of disappeared after awhile. Again, very powerful. A mistress has so many unanswered questions and a million and one thoughts.

Wonderfully written! This one even had me thinking.

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