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for Just Her Luck

9/13/2019 c2 Jessica
LOL Please continue this story, I'm practically grinning at all the fun things she could do. XD
5/22/2018 c2 animerule64
Add more chapters please
2/16/2018 c2 StrongGuy159
Cool 2 chapters continue please.
10/17/2017 c1 22Katzztar
Intereting.. yet the chapter was plagued with run-n sentences. Instead of helping, they may it chunky and distracting. At some points instead of saying 'and', you could have made it another sentence and made it less chunky.

Names of persons and places should be capitalized.
Susan Bones instead of Susan bones
Death Eaters instead of death eaters
Daily Prophet instead of Daily profit. (while profit (to make money) does fit the rag better, its not the actual name, it's prophet).

The monster at the end is really odd, good job. I don't recognize it, did you create it?
9/28/2017 c1 3Lacus01
I can't read it. It's showing margin sizes, no paragraghs, font size and style, etc.

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