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9/24 c249 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
Evangelion anyone?
9/19 c282 Guest
9/21 c241 1aperson1234567890
Yay! Joe Shotgun may be gone but not forgotten!
9/20 c282 1Draco0905
im not certain but this one didn't seem to come through as clean as the last. muse being fussy?
9/20 c222 1aperson1234567890
Heard Wyverns and immediately thought Monster Hunter, and, lo and behold, Tobi-Kadachi. Definitely "stupidly deadly" to anyone not of super soldier descent or a durability enhancing power.
9/19 c282 Limerick90
Alright! That was awesome.
A really fun look at how Break's use of his power has evolved, and how Eidolon ought to fight if he was actually smart. Well, and if his own search function worked that way, which I don't know if it does, but I think a dialogue between Quinn and Lee suggested it, so no excuses for him.

Also, tis truly a shame that Krouse is not here to see this, he'd have made all the gamer comments. Then again, screw Krouse with a rusty rake, so it's better this way.

I love how Herbert plays Legend against Alexandria, that was pretty amusing. Also, thefuck Grace, why're you being a bitch? Herbert's right, there's something weird going on with her. I also wonder if this already counted as her and Dragon's Enbringer Target event, or if the next chapter is going to be a Grace "ohgodI'mscrewed" PoV.

It is kind of weird that Break's Vampirism counts down during the Glimpse, but can't count up during it. Then again, if that's the price to pay for the awesome planning power that Glimpse gives him, it's well worth paying, since the situations where one depends on Vampirism ramp to save the day probably don't require silly amounts of Glimpse planning and vice versa.

ALSO. That emphasis on 25 and 50 made that instance where Break commented about how the team he was working with himself were exactly 50 kind of ominous. I wonder if next chapter will reveal something there, or if that was actually a coincidence...
9/19 c189 aperson1234567890
Oh he used Enter actually as Enter instead of just a power source. Been a while since that's happened.
9/17 c170 aperson1234567890
Ayyyy! Lee even called them SCPs!
9/16 c160 aperson1234567890
That is why anyone even thinking of tinkering a Lovecraftian creature needs to be killed promptly. Also, ayyyy Hellsing Abridged reference!
9/16 c158 aperson1234567890
Lee almost needs the bloody SCP Foundation with all of the crazy anomalies around.
9/14 c134 aperson1234567890
You were a simple man with a simple power but you will be missed Joe Shotgun.
9/13 c103 aperson1234567890
Ok correction, they mention that he's using Enter for the power copying but just using him for that feels like a waste.
9/13 c103 aperson1234567890
I feel like either the author or Break has forgotten he has Enter still shrunk on his person. Cause the situation in this chapter likely wouldn't have gotten as bad if both Break and Enter were in combat rather than just Break.
9/8 c17 aperson1234567890
Gotta say I love how previous chapters have little hints and mentions of important events happening in the meantime. Like how those random Merchant grunts mentioned the events of this chapter in passing.
9/8 c7 aperson1234567890
Was about to shame Herb for not following the traditional naming scheme but the combined names are a song so I'll let him off on a technicality.
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