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for Children of War

12/17/2017 c4 EvilTheLast
I just found this story. It looks good. There's nothing better to keep Humanity together then alien invasions.
12/9/2017 c4 5Ghostboy95
Hot damn. Was Saren just killed? What will their response be? How long until Humanity responds? All raging questions. Also how many missile silos remain? Good chapter all in all. It shows both Humanities adaptation to having to fend off vicious invasions and shows how the Turian Hierarchy isn't used to dealing with this type of counters. Also what kind of warhead is on this weapon? Is it nuclear or something along the lines of an incendiary? I think that the second cold war should jump technology far forward. The Asari start studying their beacon while maybe the Turains have a Prothean warship hidden away and the Salarian just do what they do best getting the Tech from the other two thanks to the STG. It should also send Humanity's technology forward as well. They are the smallest ones there despite having taken out the Hive/Rachni. They might take the Quarian's in for their technology expertise giving them a boost against the council. Ultimately Human's upset the status quo and that what the council is for upholding the status quo. This will spark a technology revolution and not to mention a change in their actions. Maybe have the Elcor get some closer ties with them along the lines of trade. The Elcor have a massive minerals industry and Humanity will need a lot of minerals as they expand into the traverse. Stemming from their expansion will be a war of some sort with the Hegemony because they are arrogant. Maybe Humanity sparks and supports a rebellion or maybe the Hegemony raids a human colony and they conquer them in return fighting against council sponsored fighters as a proxy war gathering intelligence on how they fight and adapt. I can't wait to see the next chapter. Good luck
11/29/2017 c4 Xenozip
humanity advances fastest in times of war, with such a massiver war technology would evolve FAST
11/24/2017 c4 Guest
Update on RWBY dark 5!
11/20/2017 c4 2TuscanKB
I am truly enjoying every sentence of this story. I look forward to see how the humans behave in ground combat, I'm guessing very well. Also as per your question, I was slightly surprised that the humans had invested in a colony shield, but it makes sense. This is not the systems alliance pushovers, this was a power hardened from decades of internal conflict and an aggressive alien invader, they will be heavily militaristic and fortify every colony like its a castle in space. No Batarian slavers will be having a dandy time with the Empire here! Technology wise I think the Humans have more to offer the Citadel than the other way around, mostly ideas. Not that they'd share anything besides medi-gel for trade. they could probably examine some Turian tech to make their tech more efficient, but besides that the human economy will boom from all the trade they will be getting after this little war ends, if it ends at all.
11/19/2017 c4 4korrd
This is quite interesting. Now as for how Humanity's second Cold War would impact technology? I'd say when combined with the open warfare seen after the Cold War and the war with the Hive, I would say heavily. Humanity has seen a greater advancing of technology during and after World War II then at any other time in human history. Competition breeds creativity. With Humanity needing to constantly find newer and better ways to fight as well as counter-measures to their enemies' own adaptations to said advances, the technology would advance extremely quickly. In comparison the Turians, and by extent the Council, have been sitting on their laurels for hundreds if not thousands of years with little to no technological advancement, at least none that is beyond simple Eezo enhancements. Let loose the dogs of war.
11/17/2017 c4 CReaper210
Great chapter!
Looking forward to more :)
11/16/2017 c4 Rebolchox
I really like the story, especially the "march or die" aspect of you depiction of Humanity. It's nice to have a story that doesn't just whipe out all geopolitics within mankind :)

As for technology, please don't make another op human race, maby ruthless and hardened enought through its own war to defeat the invasion force with sacrifice, and a good ol' all out war on ground and space. But not an allmighty human race please.

Good work, I hope you'll be able to update soon !
11/14/2017 c4 TrialWriter246
I like the back and forth between the humans and turians you get a good sense of both sides.
11/14/2017 c4 RightHandOfPalpatine
Cold wars IRL always tend to lead to rapid advancement in military technology, since each side would want to have as big an advantage as possible over the other faction(s) in case the war goes hot. I can't imagine a cold war between four space hyperpowers would be any different.
11/14/2017 c4 2moosejuice5
Loved the update
11/14/2017 c4 OX-11
Good jobb looking forwards to more capters likeit!
11/13/2017 c4 Guest
Great story I hope to see more
11/14/2017 c4 2Emberframe
wow aweosme
11/13/2017 c4 Patriota1993
I love this story, I love militaristic and ruthless humanity
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