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11/13/2017 c4 Tom712
the chapter is... eh pretty good. more or less what i expected. Except for the rockets at the end. As for the tech advancement... Considering all the stuff we were willing to create during the first one , i won't be surprised if humanity comes up with some crazy shit.
11/13/2017 c4 Guest
Theoretically, tech would be more advanced because of the need to gain an edge over the enemies. You are always trying to catch up and overtake your rivals if you want to remain a significant power.
11/13/2017 c4 Darkcush
Love what your doing so far. Keep it up.

It would be cool to see how the Empire high command looks, or at least how it's structured. At least in my opinion!
11/13/2017 c1 Helyanweh
I think I would like a better reason for the dissolution of the UN and the resulting formation of the superpowers and why they formed that way. Maybe just in the form of slightly more detailed background information. Right now it seems a bit flimsy. It of course doesn’t help that unless thing don’t seriously change in Russia within the next 5-10 years, they won’t really be that relevant in the world stage by 2035. Maybe tension between China, India and some western block would seem more realistic? Or who knows where Africa will stand by 2050. The world will be quite different by then.

Another minor nitpick, but it’s expected that we will hit 9 billion people by 2050. Your mention of hitting 8.5 billion by 2063 was a bit weird. Also, your life expectancies are pretty conservative. As you keep on finding cures for diseases, you eventually will start looking into a cure for aging. There is no other way to cure and prevent many age related deseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s etc. Many people alive today may in fact be able to live indefinitely because of these advances.
11/13/2017 c4 7ThatTallGuy
good chapter and how should humanitys tech go in the future cold war? I'd say FTL capable nukes for the only fact that humanity is probably out number population wise that a powerful deterant would be needed that wouldn't require a large pop, just a strong enough industrial base and given that in this fic humanity made a planet buster, wouldn't put to far fetched that a idea of slapping a FTL drive to a nuke hadn't been proposed. that a possibly drone fleets as a way to make up for humanity's lake in numbers
11/13/2017 c4 1Uberch01
Well done. Can't wait for more.
10/14/2017 c3 Guest
What happened to RWBY watches Dark5?
10/14/2017 c3 101romansoldier
I love this story so far. I like how the Turains have a reasonable reaction the humans and even a decent enough reason for the invasion. I can't wait to see the ground battles. Great story!
10/14/2017 c3 05chaloner
plz continue. also spell check your work plz. you managed to spell hello wrong.
10/13/2017 c3 4predator1701
That was good, that was really good. Too bad the Turian's are going to be blown to atoms the moment they board the station.
10/13/2017 c3 3IveGotNoIdea
Well, I think humans are grossly incompetent. Only a few nukes? Either you go all out and fire Macross Missile Massacre with nukes, or you don't bother at all. The only reason to NOT bother is when you have something better than nukes, because the you are simply using the best weapon in your arsenal. As they have lost miserably (and pointlessly, simply emptying the ships and going suicide runs from the start would have incur more loses), I would say they lack any advanced weaponry.
10/12/2017 c3 Patriota1993
10/12/2017 c3 Tom712
good. Dunno about codex. i'll leave that to you.
10/12/2017 c3 TrialWriter246
Good show on both sides well done.
10/12/2017 c3 haywireseagull
i think it was neat so i like it
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