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for Elemental - A Shortfic Collection

4/20/2019 c4 Guest
chapter 4

Good collection i just found it but it looks good.

I have prompt to you if you like. It's AU where Ozai is banished to searching lost Avatar.
When he asked throne for himself Azulon was so outraged his arrogance and greed. That he
just decided to banish Ozai and humiliate sending him to fool's errand.
Could you possibly do something shortish based that scenario. Like Ozai discovering
Aang in the iceberg. Or him trying to teach to Aang to firebend. Because i would be
interesting to see something where Ozai is redeemable character.
10/4/2017 c2 Anonymous23
I just found this, browsing through your most recent posts, and both drabbles are enjoyable and as relaxing to read. Anything with Iroh in it is never short of good, and I do wonder what a roasted salamander-goose would taste like. Quirky, I would say.

On a different subject, may I suggest a prompt as well? I've always wanted to see elementary school Zutara: where Zuko bullies Katara for her attention in a modern day setting (as young, confused boys are wont to do), even as he struggles with his 'crush' on her. Told from Zuko's narrative, of course (although not necessarily first-person).

I've always imagined this scene as a fun little snippet, and I do hope you consider my idea.

Once again, I can't wait for the future updates still yet to come. :)

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