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1/13 c24 FairyTailxFanGirl
Yes, just what I wanted! haha
1/13 c23 FairyTailxFanGirl
I'm just hoping Sting is Natsus cousin so awkwardness and jealousy ensue! hahaha... I'm evil.
11/11/2020 c45 KittyKin
well damn lol Do your thing Matsu, so do we get details next chapter or...asking for a friend xD
10/27/2020 c15 SamSlaya
10/2/2020 c45 Tohka123
Glad your back, keep up the hard work
9/24/2020 c45 8X.summergrey.X
Kind of surprised the whole daddy thing come up sooner, but probably because she took awhile to share that with him.
9/23/2020 c45 GothBanshee
Sweet mother of god! This was worth the wait! Daddy Dom Natsu is hot af! Lucy is in for a spanking! XD
9/22/2020 c45 Copperreign12
Omg! Omg! I freaking love this story! I was so excited you updated because holy crap it’s hot and steamy! I love Natsu and Lucy’s relationship. Some people condone relationships with such an age gap I have no issues with it as they see each other as soulmates. I absolutely love this story! Thanks for updating! Can’t wait for more!
9/21/2020 c45 4FlameDragonHime
Oh shiiit it took a turn and I'm not mad also I just spent a fiver on yy I know the pain
9/20/2020 c16 2TheMostCasualObserver
Alright, so maybe someone has told you this already — this is an early chapter, after all.

That isn’t how fertility works...at all. A simple google search will tell you that much.

I’m not gonna say much. I could lecture for hundreds of words but that’d be a pointless use of my time. Just a friendly tip instead: do a bit more research in the future.

Side note against any arguments: yes women can get pregnant during their periods, but it’s very, very uncommon.

Second side note: Strangest review I have ever posted.
9/19/2020 c45 Rein Serenity
This was a fun chapter. So glad to see an update for this story. It's so nice to make new friends, even if they perceived you as something else before. I couldn't contain my giddyness to read everyone's reaction to her. And I can't wait for more.
9/19/2020 c45 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Oh man! I can't wait for the next chapter, it's gonna be... very...um... interesting lol. Please update soon :D
9/2/2020 c44 drg0n-dud3
3/21/2020 c44 Copperreign12
I love this story! At first I was weary because of the situation but I found it really interesting and really made me think. I really enjoyed the story on all aspects. There is no boundaries when it comes to soulmates and love!
3/19/2020 c5 Copperreign12
Love this story! Omg!
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