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5/19/2018 c31 shadow31802
yeah me too i really wish they could get back together in like the next chapter
5/19/2018 c31 Rein Serenity
That was intense. Attempt rape is a really sore subject to write about (literally no pun intended). Therefore this was really well written. I was pretty scared for what was going to happen to Lucy. Kind of surprising, but so glad Zeref came at the right time. What scared me the most was Lucy when she was about to end Sting, but stopped herself. This really shows how much she's in love with Natsu. And now that Zeref knows, Natsu and Lucy have some one else to talk about this with, this is great. I really want to be over soon. One more thing I love how you show Lucy as secret manipulative women and how Natsu is the only one she trusts to know this. I love all your stories. Can't wait for more, update as soon as you can.

PS. Sting could just get a restraining order. That's better than prison.
5/19/2018 c31 Helena54
I really hate rape scenes, it just makes me uncomfortable. But despite that, I didn't skip anything. There was this story, blood bank by moeruhoshi previously known as DIGIKO12, she might or might not read this, and I'm sorry if it makes you upset. But that story, blood bank, where Natsu is a vampire and Lucy is his sacrifice, when he practically forced her to suck his d*ck, I just felt so fucking uncomfortable. Natsu forcing himself on Lucy was just a no no for me. But even so I still kinda liked it. Even though she has deleted it now.
5/19/2018 c31 rmadhumita378
Lucy is a strong woman! Loved the chapter! Shows how strong lucy is in personality vice.
5/18/2018 c30 ManderNaner
I'm so anxious after getting to the end of that chapter. I'm really, really interested in seeing what happens in the next chapter. So I'll just sit over here chewing my nails until it comes out. Very well done!
5/18/2018 c30 4FlameDragonHime
JHJDFOASDHADAKJ What is Sting purposely left the note so he would react but isn't actually with Lucy?!
5/18/2018 c9 Guest
Dammit Gray! I was hoping for a threesome not a love triangle! Lol
5/18/2018 c8 4NatsuHeartfilia0628
"Why, hello there, little Natsu. It's a good morning to you too." LOL, that cracks me up
5/18/2018 c30 Lky
Oh. My. God...
5/17/2018 c30 2shrinemaiden05
I must know what happens next updates soon please
5/17/2018 c30 Forever Nalu
*Sigh*...*tsk*...Hmmm... *SIGH* You've gone done and F***ED UP NOW NATSU. I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN! I FRIGGIN TOLD YOU! You should've burned that note to high hell when you had the chance! *SIGH* UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHG. Man it's been forever good to see you back. See you soon. PEACEOUT!
5/17/2018 c30 Lucinda
Can’t wait for the next chapter xx
5/17/2018 c30 Avalanche65
Oh boy thank you for the update! I've been stressed out all week because I'm planning on quitting my job soon and getting a notification that you had posted a new chapter was just a nice way to start the day.

I'd be interested to read zeref's internal monologue/reaction to natsu's confession. Hopefully we'll get at least a taste in an upcoming chapter when he deals with the situation? Oh boy and how is Mavis gonna find out?!
5/17/2018 c30 star
WHY, sting u bastard I hate u so much. I don't know whether I love u for updating or hate u for leaving me in such cliffhanger now I wouldn't be able to sleep but don't u worry I'll be counting d days or months till u update again. p.s u were right shit is finally going down. love dis story more than before update soon
5/17/2018 c30 shadow31802
oh my god cuz sting didnt screw things up enough
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