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12/13/2018 c41 Rein Serenity
This was a really sweet chapter.
12/13/2018 c41 Guest
Nice that Mavis finally knows and approves
12/3/2018 c40 maevsaur
this story is just so addicting! i basically binge read it the whole day and i love how real you plot it out. goddam
11/11/2018 c40 MotherOfDragons1227
Holy shit I can’t believe Natsu told Mavis. I wasn’t expecting that.

I haven’t been reading as much romance lately because my husband’s been deployed for 9 months so sometimes romance makes me pretty sad, but I was sooooo fucking happy to see this updated. Can’t wait to find out what happens next :)
11/11/2018 c40 8LadyLiberal
First off, OPL is a dope codename.
Second, I feel really bad for both Lucy and Natsu because of how fucked up and broken she is and that's not the Lucy he fell for.
Third, I cannot believe Mavis is finding out about their relationship like this.
I'm super excited to read the next chapter, whenever it comes out! :)))
11/10/2018 c40 valerioux
Oh well I didn’t expect Mavis to find out this way but I’m glad that after this Lucy will be able to talk to her about everything and hopefully that should help her.
11/10/2018 c40 Rein Serenity
My gosh, this chapter was amazing. The guys are just too much, it's so cute for them to make protecting Lucy their mission. Also, even though they really want each other, it's nice that they're going at a slow recovering pace. Cuddles always help! Except for helping Natsu's homicidal thoughts for Sting, is it wrong to say that that really hot? And Mavis!? I knew she was going to find out eventually, but you can't just leave off with that statement from Natsu! Oh gosh I'm nervously excited for what's gonna happen! Can't wait for more.
11/10/2018 c40 Piglets12
Omg he actually told her I can’t wait for the next chapter! And he didn’t want to push her showing how much he really cares for her I love it!
11/10/2018 c40 Lucinda
Can’t wait for the next chapter
11/10/2018 c40 Guest
love it more natsu you are so kind 3 I hope mavis doesn't get upset
10/28/2018 c39 LadyLiberal
Once again, I feel bad for Natsu. I can only imagine how horrified he is when he starts reading those letters. I am all caught up with the story! YAY! I'm very eager and excited to see what you write next! I really have enjoyed reading this story up to this far and hope you don't give up on it anytime soon. Totally understand that is might not happen for awhile because life gets in the way and you also have so many other stories you work on. BUTTT, I'm excited to read more when it comes. :)
10/28/2018 c38 LadyLiberal
I think having Lucy cut her hair was very bold and empowering, as much as I love long hair I know how exhilarating it can be to have a new shorter look. Also, I would like to just say that I feel for you when you mentioned you have struggled with mental illness. I have depression and anxiety, so I can relate, I would just like to say that I am really happy to hear that you are in a good place. I appreciated your little rant about mental illness because it is something that I think people need to make themselves more aware of and be actively thinking about when communicating with people.
10/28/2018 c37 LadyLiberal
Holy FUCK. That was dark and fucked up. Very nice job creating a complete psycho stalker...
10/28/2018 c36 LadyLiberal
First off, I would like to just agree and say that Natsu and Lucy's relationship isn't very healthy. Buuuut, I believe in soulmates and my bf and I are soulmates, so I will say there is a lot of truth to the feelings that NaLu are experiencing. My bf definitely has those same feelings as Natsu does where the thought of his girl with someone else makes him want to do bad things to them. My bf is not a PDA type of guy, he does however stare down guys he catches checking me out, which apparently happens a lot? One of the many obnoxious things about being a woman in America.
Anyway, I think its really great that you have had Lucy open up to Natsu more and can't wait to be all caught up with the story. I am definitely staying up late to read one of your stories, once again...
10/28/2018 c33 LadyLiberal
Poor Natsu, I feel so bad that he triggered an episode for Lucy. That would be absolutely soul-crushing and horrible. I'm just glad that he seemed to be able to handle it okay, well at least the best he could. I'm eager to see what happens to them in the next few chapters...
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