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for Mass Effect: Newton's Third Law

8/4 c651 9Darth Garak
Just bomb the whole site from orbit and leave nothing but a smoking crater.
8/4 c650 Darth Garak
Funny how Cerberus kept going on and on about how they are for human supremacy when they had facilities like Sanctuary or the Overlord project that processed humans like they were nothing.
8/4 c649 Darth Garak
Oh that was so much more satisfying than a bullet to the head.
8/4 c648 Darth Garak
I really like seeing the operation here expanded to include rescuing survivors.
8/3 c647 Darth Garak
Times up Henry.
7/29 c651 2Jadzaea
Excellent. Petrovsky deserved a horrible end and this was fantastic. Seriously fantastic.

Looks like Sheffler's found his future purpose after Cerberus is gone and the war is over. :)
7/29 c649 Jadzaea
NICE! Henry Lawson's end as a human ragdoll was very entertaining to read over the last few chapters. :)
7/29 c646 Jadzaea
Oh cool! Tali found Sheffler! It'll be good to see him and Jalissa meet up for a bit again. I really like Sheffler.

And of course, his team. :)
7/29 c642 Jadzaea
Nice! This would have been amazing in-game! The Reapers catching wind of The Illusive Man's nonsense and squashing it.

Also, I enjoyed Miranda's way of knocking on the door. LOL
7/29 c641 Jadzaea
Ugh. Both of them are disgusting. Makes what's coming next so much more satisfying. LOL
7/29 c640 Jadzaea
I love these chapters with Oriana. It's interesting to see just how similar she is to Miranda, instinctually knowing how to gauge a situation and plan as she goes.
7/29 c637 Jadzaea
Oh man. Jalissa has likely had to deliver many, many of these over the years. Ereba was always the hardest for me, because I remember her and Charr in ME2.
7/23 c651 10Janizary
Good for you, Sheffler. :)
7/23 c651 3justsomebody2
Even the mock trial was too much of an honor. A pit full of hungry varrens would have worked.
7/23 c650 justsomebody2
Hope that soothed some grief
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