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for Mass Effect: Newton's Third Law

6/24 c620 3justsomebody2

I hope they see a nice place with no mosquitos.
6/24 c619 justsomebody2
Hope your week is going better now!
6/24 c618 justsomebody2
CDN had a story of another civilisation that uploaded their minds into a giant ship. Who knows how many variatons there are on the theme out there.
6/24 c617 justsomebody2
10 years as puppets. Damn.
6/24 c616 justsomebody2
Big cowardly squid.
6/24 c615 justsomebody2
They really don't wanna face their fuckup.
6/22 c613 4Mai-danishgirl
Oooor, perhaps he is finally giving up on holding everyone at bay, and allowing himself to relax. (also the whole, "we need everyone functional")
You might wanna check out his drift a bit more closely Liara.

And this was a nice little science chapter, good for Liara to have something crucial, yet, hmm, lighter? to focus on.
6/22 c612 Mai-danishgirl
Oh Oleg, if only you understood how very much everyone wants to kill you. It's kinda hilarious.
6/22 c614 2Jadzaea
I always leave Leviathan for last in-game, as I feel it's chasing ghosts after everything else seems hopeless. It feels like that's what you're writing it into here. :) I'm really looking forward to how the rest of this DLC plays out in your story.

Vega's adorable. LOL
6/22 c613 Jadzaea
Very nice way of getting these two into proximity! I always enjoyed the thought of them possibly writing a book together, as was said . . . somewhere near the end of the game. I can't recall where. (I always tell myself that it maybe turned into more than friendship years down the road, when he was emotionally healed enough.)
6/22 c612 Jadzaea
Interesting twist on the Sanctuary line, bringing Sheffler in. I like it! I'm interested to see where it goes! Also interested to see what he and Miranda think of each other, should they meet.
6/22 c611 Jadzaea
Ooooh, I'd forgotten about Petrovsky. Clearly Jalissa hadn't. LOL I'm surprised he backed down after she told him off though. He's got more sense than other Cerberus flunkies we've seen thus far.
6/22 c605 Jadzaea
I had hoped with almost every fiber of my being that Aethyta would be the next asari councilor. This makes me so happy. Things will actually get done now! And she'll fit in so much better with the other councilors, with her pragmatism, realistic view, and saying what she means. I can't wait to see more of her later in the story, especially in a potential epilogue. :D

Unexpected though, was Liara making the call. Though with her connections and how pissed she was over Thessia, maybe not all that unexpected.
6/22 c604 Jadzaea
Oh yes, I knew this was coming as soon as Samara glided into Irissa's office. And it was so satisfying. So very, very satisfying.
6/22 c603 Jadzaea
Awwww. Space Dad gives the best pep talks. 3
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