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for Mass Effect: Newton's Third Law

10/5/2017 c5 10Janizary
That's a muscle and bone weave enhanced cyborg ninja, James. She'd eat you for breakfast big guy.
10/5/2017 c4 Janizary
Inception horn reaper sneeze (or maybe it is just there version of 'yee-haa!'). That'll clear the bureaucracy quickly :)
10/5/2017 c2 Janizary
Rocks tossed in a stream. She got there, but a bit more feral due to the path. I like it.
10/4/2017 c6 25This Is Sarcasm
What Jay said.
10/4/2017 c6 20Jayfeattheris Awesome
10/4/2017 c6 5Commander Allie
Ow! My heart! Poor Garrus! ( How sad to lose somebody you love so much. I lost my mom to so I understand how he feels, but I didn't watch her slowly fall apart like that at least. Also, I'm glad Vega had a chapter. I love him. Lol
10/4/2017 c6 3justsomebody2
Oh no


ur making me tear up after reading "Hey, Mom" and "Oh, Garrus"

I think if the dude cried I'd start sniffling too, no joke

I bet those 'great healing chalices' might have been tech remains from protheans roaming about with their equivalent of 'medigel' in a cup

I bet his mom would like Shep (friend or romance, she'd like the person who shaped the last few years of her son's life)

It's funny, his dad sorta believed him and Shepard all the way since Mass Effect 1 if his conversations with Ryder Sr are to be believed. Daddy Vakarian just sucks at expressing his worries and concerns and he's too much of a 'good turian'. He'd listen under the pretense of honoring his wife (though it's that in part too) but also because he loves and trusts his son.

Aww, nibbling

At least they're together again.
10/4/2017 c5 justsomebody2
Well, technically she's still a Spectre. In a galactic sense (and in case of 'nasty stuff' she outranks a lot of the people there, maybe even the jury in special situations)

But it's not like she has the Council's backing now so it's a moot point.

'a Shepard lover' omg, Alenko has u beat
10/3/2017 c6 4Mai-danishgirl
Oh dear. Well this tugged the heartstrings somewhat fierce.

Thank you so much for this chapter, a resolution to what happened with Garrus mother was something I missed from ME3.
10/3/2017 c5 Mai-danishgirl
Heh, Shepard taking the lead was a cute detail.
10/3/2017 c4 15SomethingProfound11
I'm enjoying your portrayal of Hackett - he's always struck me as a man capable of being a bit of a manipulator or a magnificent bastard when he has to be, but also one that believes Shepard early on and has her back.

I also like the spotlight on the Admirals and the politics behind why they've been selected for the panel. I hope they look less incompetent than in game.
10/3/2017 c4 5Commander Allie
Those pepole are in for a rude awakening when the reapers do actually arrive, and then they'll be begging for Shepad to help just like before. Interesting story so far. )
10/3/2017 c4 4Mai-danishgirl
Oh. OOohh!
Hackett you magnificent bastard.

Shepard, this trial is both the worst, and the best thing that could happen. Absolutely brilliant.

I quite like these First Contact veterans, cannons on every ship indeed.
10/3/2017 c4 3justsomebody2

Where's Droopy?

"the kid" omg

tbh, I'd rather have Council operatives breathing down my neck and arm those canons than have my neck broken or get my entire self husk-ified.

It's funny, for the humans it was the "First Contact War"
For the rest of the galaxy it was "The Relay 314 Incident" - not even a skirmish.
10/3/2017 c3 justsomebody2
Yeah, Cerberus LOVED painting their emblems on everything

I bet Shepard had Cerberus emblems on their standard issued underwear.
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