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for Mass Effect: Newton's Third Law

7/23 c650 3justsomebody2
Hope that soothed some grief
7/23 c649 justsomebody2
Ah, mush-man had it coming.
7/23 c648 justsomebody2
Way to go blue friend
7/23 c647 justsomebody2
Just in time!
7/22 c651 4Mai-danishgirl
Damn this was cold.
Justified, understandable, and satisfying, but cold.
One could almost have expected Oleg to admire that, considering the cold efficiency being something close to his own ways.
But then, he was always a rat overestimating his own value.

I kinda would have loved to see Kolyat give Oleg the last grace, if only the implications of an alien, whose father was killed by Cerberus, giving Oleg Anything could have gotten through his skull (before the bullet of course)

And alright, the joke with Garrus really got me.
7/22 c650 Mai-danishgirl
Just how dense can you get?
Had you given up Sanctuary, had you poured out everything you knew from the beginning, than you might have had some good cards on your hand, but you didn't you ignorant softshelled snail, you sealed your own fate by keeping silent, and thinking you still had a chance to win.
7/22 c649 Mai-danishgirl
Man, Vega gets all the pretty ladies :P

And another show of just how in synch Shepard and Miranda can be, stupid Henry did not have a chance.
And really, after the shit he has pulled here, what did he expect from Shepard?
7/22 c648 Mai-danishgirl
Gonna love turians - meeting a heavily armed squad when trying to escape a hellhole? - "Can I join you guys?" "No" "alright I'm just gonna take care of the people around me then"
7/22 c647 Mai-danishgirl
Angry determined Miranda is still a compassionate soul.
It is a neat detail that shows just how far from both Cerberus and her father she is.

That last section got really really tense!
7/22 c647 mirxu
I really like that you had Miranda to stop to free the refugees. I kind of like to think that's because she got friends with Shepard and got rid of Cerberus.
7/17 c646 9Darth Garak
Time to end the nightmare known as Sanctuary. Ugh, I bet that name was chosen with irony in mind.
7/17 c645 Darth Garak
Gods I hate Leng. But I do love seeing Henry Lawson getting the rug pulled from beneath him.
7/17 c644 Darth Garak
Kramer had it coming to him. Karma.
7/17 c643 3justsomebody2
Time to get to work, eh?
7/17 c643 9Darth Garak
Oh yeah. Someone put Hellmarch on the speakers because that's what Shepard is bringing.
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