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for Mass Effect: Newton's Third Law

7/16 c646 10Janizary
Hah. Cerberus and Reapers should just quit. Shepard and Sheffler on planet.

Go get 'em.
7/16 c641 Janizary
Whenever Kai Leng shows up, I'd check the carpet for plastic sheeting.

/random movie reference ;)
7/16 c640 Janizary
Daddy is a mad scientist.

You and your sister are both gumbys.

Mass Effect 90210 for sure :)
7/16 c636 Janizary
Cerberus Green. You know some tech thought it was funny...right before they dropped him in the vat.
7/14 c646 4Mai-danishgirl
It is so good to have reliable back-up.

And again, regardless of how much of a shit show this place is, we go so many small wins and proper cooperation going on.
7/14 c645 Mai-danishgirl
As much as I detest Leng, seeing him tear down all of Henry's illusions is immensely satisfying.

Like, dude, Oriana has spend less than 10 minutes with this guy and she is fully aware of what his presence means.
7/14 c644 Mai-danishgirl
Miranda will leave nothing in her path, family is first priority, regardless if said priority is protect or kill.
Smug EDI is best EDI.

As for Kramer, suggestion for last words: - "I Fucking told you so!"
7/14 c643 Mai-danishgirl
Full team full team full team!

And I really appriciate the small details about how to deal with the aftermath, and that the whole ship gets involved...Oh shit, I hope the trio is gonna be all-right.
7/14 c646 3justsomebody2
Haaa, fancy meeting you here!
7/14 c645 justsomebody2
Ah Leng... You scum

Oh Henry, how the tables have turned.
7/13 c642 justsomebody2
The arrogant bastards never thought they'd be attacked and then what happens?

The obvious.
7/13 c641 justsomebody2
A grouping of slugs
7/13 c640 justsomebody2
Patience is a virtue but waiting sure sucks.
7/13 c642 9Darth Garak
Geth coming to liberate - now there's a sentence that would have looked totally crazy some time ago.

Welp, looks like the Reapers have decided the pig is fat enough, time to start cutting.
7/13 c641 Darth Garak
Yeah, the Adjutants weren't as good as you guys think. Also Shepard happened.

Wow, Dr. Kramer is giving me serious Mengele vibes. Which I guess makes sense considering he's fine with the project he's working on.
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