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for Jealousy Hate?

9/30/2017 c1 148OuMiyuki
Mm~~ I found this really cute! *O* Because, Yes! A bit of jealousy isn't bad in a relationship! XD Especially when it's not left alone to grow too much into hate~ XP Plus...Kotori or Honoka being jealous is just so adorable. *w*

I love how Kotori got jealous so many times over the years with Honoka, and I'm sure she still is! XD Mm~~ I wanna know all of those little jealousy episodes! XD They sound so ridiculously cute~ and I love how Kotori will kind of hit or snuggle or simply move closer to Honoka to try and shut her mouth from saying any more~~ cos' it's so embarrassing, hehe~

Oh, as for the OOC in Kotori..~ I think it was alright. It's what jealousy can do to you. -v- I'm just glad Honoka, although not understanding those emotions and her own feelings too, noticed Kotori and asked her about it~ :D

-laughed from remembering- Oh...Kotori, Kotori..Getting jealous and staying mad for a few weeks because Honoka stayed over one night at aunt Umi's house to work on a song~ XD That cracked me up! Hehe~

Mm~ OwO I love how they are married and have kids, which needless to say are so adorable and resembles their two lovely mums~ *W* hehe~
It's just that...you mentioned that Honoka and Kotori are 30years old, and Rika is 11 years old...so they had her when they were 19! Wow! X'D

Ahh~ Thank you for the lovely read~ More HonoKoto is eternally appreciated~! *O* (Now I wanna write more HonoKoto~! *v*)

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