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for Too Close To Home

7/8 c30 Vadercat
Im glad you havent fully abandoned this story but that you will continue to write more and finish this story.
7/8 c30 Vadercat
Well I glad you didnt fully abandon this story, but I hope youville contin
6/8 c30 wadmac
Thank you for continuing! I look forward to a conclusion of this well written story.
4/9 c30 CH
what will happen next? don't wait too long to update, please
11/19/2022 c29 Knirbenrots
Oh my they still intend to put all the blame on Duvalle, or on Rob/Callen...
Love the way you portrait all the characters!
10/26/2022 c28 trscrny
This is a really good story. I don't normally read unfinished stories but once I started reading I couldn't stoop even when I finally realized it was incomplete. Cou;d you please post more soon. Not a fan of Deeks on the show but I don't mind your rendition of him! LOL! No one beats Callen in my opinion though! More soon, please? Thank you for sharing.
10/24/2022 c28 wotumba1
Well that is going to be interesting... who's gonna blame who
10/23/2022 c28 Richtsje
Oh wow! So glad you updated this story. And how! So well written. As if we'd be peeking in from the boatshed ourselves. Thank you for that.
5/6/2021 c27 Pam11
Please tell me there’s going to be more it can’t end like this!
11/2/2020 c27 FanofallTV
Such a great story! I can’t wait for the next chapter!
10/23/2020 c27 Guest
Very well-written chapter. I actually "felt" Callen's exhaustion. Looking forward to reading more.
10/23/2020 c27 Guest
Great chapter.
I love this story, it reads so close to the show, I feel like I’m watching it happen
10/24/2020 c27 5anonkp
Interesting developments!
10/24/2020 c27 1reidfan1971
This story is very well written. I love how you have kept us wanting more, from one chapter to the next. It's hard to write about difficult subjects, but you are doing it so very well & continuing to keep the characters true to themselves. I'm glad to see their assignment coming to a close "peacefully"; but I also know these assignments very rarely end when the "criminals" are caught. They can have lasting effects on those involved & I'm excited to see how our hero's deal with the aftermath of such a difficult situation they've been in. So happy to see Nate involved too !
Keep you the great work !
10/24/2020 c27 28knirbenrots
Woow, great update. Indeed, I expected this story would come to an end, yet 'the case isn't quite over yet!' Which leaves me in here happy and excited to wait for a next chapter!
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