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3/26/2023 c19 Megan Romero
Though they have the last pure heart. Luigi's memories show him that Count Bleck isn't truly evil and that he remembers someone named Dimentio.
10/22/2022 c18 Megan Romero
Glad that you're okay and doing well to take care of yourself. Dimentio is still conflicted with his plan and his love for Luigi/Mr. L. Luigi and Mario made progress in the Underwhere. Getting a Pure heart and finding Luvbi. Now they must make their way out and go to the Overthere.
6/25/2022 c17 Megan Romero
I'm glad that you're okay. Luigi reunites with Mario, but why does he feel like something's missing?
9/26/2020 c16 3Rukachino
I started reading this on ao3 I did it all in one night then I was so happy to find the rest here . I already commented there but I’ll do so here too . This is an amazing story , please continue it . It’s too good to be dropped here T_T
8/23/2020 c13 15Driftstar - Leader of TreeClan
Hehehehe things are coming together...

This chapter had a fair amount of good humor in it, I laughed especially at the "A distraction!" moment. I can't wait to see what you do with the next section of the story, my favorite chapter of the game~!

I'm especially excited to see how you write the ending scene with Dimentio sending Mr. L to the Underwhere. :D

Thanks for writing!
8/2/2020 c11 Driftstar - Leader of TreeClan
I didn't expect Dimentio to reveal that so soon, but Luigi's reaction was written VERY WELL. He's been made to think that he's 'evil', but now he finds out he's destined to be on the other side.

You're doing a good job of showing the facets of a real relationship, and it's interesting to see how their feelings fluctuate.

Well done!

(I also do not enjoy sexual themes *sweatdrop* but I've still been enjoying this story :D)
6/10/2020 c16 38SpaceDimentio
Ooh clever title is clever!
Ah, I think you posted this first section on Discord. Still agree with Timpani!

That's nice that Blumiere misses his family but he's also the one who killed them, so lie in the hole you dug I guess.
I've always thought that Bleck was a little fond of Mr. L, but avoided him due to guilt.

Count Bleck Mimi: Innocent baby pure child
Mimi: Fuck
Count Bleck: NO D:

Oh it is time to dad! Dad Bleck Dad Bleck!
Ah I love Mimi with more spider-like qualities. Make her even scarier!
That was really sweet of him to help

You know, it's always bothered me that the game's dialogue is just like "oh he did an insubordination" and everyone's like "oh ok he ded" and then it says the same thing about Mimi and no one assumes she'd dead. I guess because they saw her beforehand but *waves hands vaguely*. Kind of wish we could have had more behind the scenes things exploring all their relationships with each other, cause they sure are an interesting bunch of people.

""I'll have plenty o' time te talk with her in teh New World, right?"" *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays*
Mmm yes, this is why he was so mad at Dimentio. Someone's protective of their green daughter
""If the Count knows Dimentio like he thinks he does, then he will not write a single word."" *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays* He's SORT of right; Dimentio himself didn't write anything, after all.

"found out somehow" Bleck still hasn't realized Dimentio reads everyone's journals sdfkjhg
This kind of went over my head before, but I guess Dimentio thanks the DP cause it's standing in between him and homelessness. Also him calling Mr. L his soulmate is *ok hand*
tfw Count Bleck also says "humble servant"

I'd congratulate the Count on his self control but he still destroyed something even if it wasn't Dimentio's face.
Oh ho, cousin! I could have probably put that together earlier but I'm not very observant
Found family best family!
6/9/2020 c15 SpaceDimentio
Wow I have finally reread my way here, just in time to see Dimentio eat a big ol' helping of regretti spaghetti. I have zero memory of what the old chapter 15 was like lol here we go!
Oh he upsetti

Wait what? Mimi had a crush on Mr. L too? Gee can't anyone just be platonic friends
Oh shit, the stairs
Everyone's upset, but funnily enough, Dimentio's the only one who can't hide it. Instead it's stab-everyone-with-words o'clock.
God I would have died trying to do 100 laps, how did he manage

Oh 2000 words that's not so- WAIT THAT'S PAGES NOT WORDS. Time to break out the 72 point font, one letter per page.
Oh nooo I don't like that the clones are sentient. A bit of a Spinel vibe, but quite literally an echo chamber.
Wow, this essay is gonna make zero sense, but Nastasia's face when he hands it in tho

*nods sagely* such is the power of Luigi
sdkfjhg it's weird that the clones don't just automatically know what's going on! Dimentio and his 1000 kids, there are so many philosophical and moral questions with this

*internal screaming* Nothing like trying to force someone to be who you want them to be! Don't listen to yourself, you're a dumbass who doesn't understand emotions and needs a hug.
Man if you weren't following the events of the game, I would be suspicious of that one clone. Unless... *thinking emoji*

*sniffs* holding hands under the table that's so cute ;-;
*squints* Yeah I doubt that essay is well written at ALL considering it's by 1000 people but go off I guess
I agree with Dimentio here, you can't just tell someone to get over it Count :(

Holy shit, good thing he already turned it in or else that would have been really bad, i would be so pissed if someone did that to me
That's really interesting that the Count is aware that Dimentio is gonna do some shit. He really just doesn't care about anything anymore...
I don't like what he said to the book, like no bitch, go and be free and frolic with your boyfriend, humble servant who?
6/2/2020 c16 Megan Romero
Take care of yourself.
5/16/2020 c15 Megan Romero
I hope you're doing okay during the pandemic. Dimentio is going through a lot of emotions and turmoil since The Green Thunder is "Gone".
4/26/2020 c1 15Driftstar - Leader of TreeClan
"Brainwashing burns out the very strongest of them" So sad. ;w;

Very well done! I hope to read more of this. Mr. L is one of the most tragic non-villains in the game, and this is an awesome take on him.

Thank you for writing!
4/9/2020 c14 Megan Romero
I hope you're doing okay. Also reunion between the Bros.
1/29/2020 c19 The-Black-Forest-Cake-Is-A-Lie
Keep doing the same thing!
1/14/2020 c19 PerpetuallyTired
Great fic, I was enjoying it, but if you feel a rewrite is in order, do what you gotta do!
Was intrigued by this idea of competing families of Luigi’s competing identities, and the LxD was a cool pairing.
Also appreciated your dictatorship research.
I float through this site from time to time, and enjoyed your writing!
1/1/2020 c19 38SpaceDimentio
If you're finding a lot of the parts cringe, but you still like some of the concepts, then it sounds like a rewrite is in order
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