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11/23/2023 c24 lilkathra
if you were lucky she would have gone against Lorelei she would have said yes to marring you and married you within 1-2 years after saying yes not ask for a never ending long distance relationship with no guarantee of anything more then when you guys met up she only ever wanted a casual relationship with no strings and the fact that she was cheating on her boyfriend with not just you but other men for how many years and if you had any guarantee that she would want you you would not let you parents force you to marry who they wanted you would have taken her and been with her but the fact that she made it clear she did not really want you that you got engaged to another women and cheated on the other women cuz the women you wanted did not want you
11/23/2023 c23 lilkathra
Lorelei is a horrible mother that only ever gave a fuck about her plans for rory and making rory believe that they were her plan why else would she get mad that rory needed time to figure out what she wanted before going back to collage when rory did not do what that women wanted she cut her out of her life that is not what a good mother does and if Lorelei loved rory and wanted her happy she would not have gave her that look when he asked her 10 fucking years ago the only reason rory said no was to make Lorelei happy and disroyed her own it had nothing to do with rory age but that Lorelei never wanted rory to me her own person to make her own decisions cuz every decision that she made for herself Lorelei hated she hated at first that rory chose to go to yale in instead of Harvard that Lorelei picked for rory cuz she new that her father went to yale and she want to do a fuck you to her father by having his granddaughter go to harverd but when she realizes that she could have rory over all the time when she went to yale then she warmed up to it cuz she
did not want rory to be independent of her then when she got discouraged for journalism and decided to take time off collage Lorelei hated that decision so she cut rory off until she does what Lorelei wanted a good mother would stay and help her child but not forced them to stay in something that there not happy in and respect there decisions as adults cuz rory was a adult and having her mother tell her what to do when its not Lorelei decision but rorys then when he asked rory to marry him and she looked at her mother and saw her mother reaction to it im suprised she did not say no right that minute but had to make it seam like she was thinking about it but all rory has done was do everything to make Lorelei happy and fucked up her life following Lorelei plans that was never her own rory need to learn to be her own person not what her fucked up mother wanted and the fact she waisted over 10 years of happiness to make her mother happy a women that could not have a stable relationship cuz she fucked them all up and rory when it come to relationship do the opposite of your mother for she's horrible at them a mean the fact she got back together with luke after you distoyed your relationship with logan cuz you only wanted him as a casual fuck buddy to make her happy but she did not marry him for 11 / 13 years since you graduated collage tells you that shes not great at relationship
3/10/2023 c26 Misskathra
Rory if you love Logan you need to cut that loser Jess out of your life and Luke should respect you and logan by not having that loser near you cuz how can he move on if you are always around him so ya you don’t respect logan cuz your still fucking around with Jess and Luke doesn’t respect you guys for inviting that loser the day your there he could have had Jess come later to spend Christmas or on Christmas Eve Jess did not have to be there when you are there your fuck up mother and Luke should have know better that Jess still wants something with you Rory and he don’t care if he steals you from another man and don’t care if you are pregnant with Logan child you saying it’s okay for him to pinned after you cuz you don’t tell him that you are in love with logan and want nother to do with him if you say that Rory then that loser will have to move on
2/23/2023 c31 Misskathra
Rory of course Logan not a fan of Jess would you be a fan if Logan was fucking around with his ex that broke you guys up cuz Logan was cozy with an ex he had no business being around , and Rory Jess deserves a bullet to his head he’s a waist of space that won’t move on and find another women cuz he around you all the fucking time and you used Jess to get even with Logan meaning I would not trust that fucker around you or trust you cuz when your mad you’ll go to that fucker and fuck him to get even , there more then one publisher out there Rory you don’t have to use a ex that still wants you and the way your going Rory your gonna fuck up your marriage for Jess cuz Jess does not fucking care that your with someone else if he wants you he will get you and you let him
2/23/2023 c29 Misskathra
Rory Jess is not your fucking friend and he can’t fucking move on until you cut that fucker out of you like fe , your disrespecting Logan cuz your still in contact with that loser that can’t get his own girlfriend and Rory how would you like it if Logan was still talking to an ex that broke you and Logan up you would not be happy your not thinking about how he feels when your fucking around with your ex’s and even if Jess is Luke nephew Jess is still your fucking ex and if Likud respected you he would keep that fucker away from you and Rory a word of advice before you do anything like hanging out with ex’s you should think how would I feel if it was reversed cuz there more women that fuck around with there ex’s then men and yet women think that it’s okay to fuck around with there ex’s and if the men do it’s over and that not fair
2/23/2023 c25 Misskathra
Rory if you love Logan you need to cut Jess out of your life that fuck was the reason that you and Logan broke up the first time cuz Rory you have a hard time cutting ex out then you end up fucking them , and you used Jess to get even with Logan after you did not communicate with him after he was a ass to the fucker you had no fucking reason to be around and the fact is you leading Jess on thinking he got another chance cuz you don’t leave him be to find his own women or break up another relationship cuz that is what he’s good at
1/20/2022 c31 lilkathra
why can that loser just jump off a chiff and fucking died and rory need to grow the fuck up and get rid of her fucking ex and she to huggy feely with the man that will most likely do anything to break up her marriage and she lets him do it cuz she wont cut that fucking loser out of her life and if i was logan i would not trust a heartless cunt that seams to like to fuck her ex's cuz every ex she has she has fucked so she can not be trusted and if i was logan i would make sure this baby is mine and not someone else baby that she just ponding on me while she fucking jess behind my back
1/20/2022 c29 lilkathra
jess is your fucking ex and if i had it my way he would have a fucking builet to his head the way rory acting with loser jess is that she fucking him behind her husbands back you can never be just friends with your ex how would you feel if logan invited his ex to every family gathering and is always around his ex you would not like it so if i was logan i would be asking you are you cheating on me and then i would be saying if you love me you need to cut him out of your life it ether me or him and if you choose him i will make sure to get fully prental care of out baby and then you can fuck him all you want
1/19/2022 c25 lilkathra
who give a fuck about jess he's a fucking loser that you should not have gotten close to after he left just before you graduated from highschool , and it would be better if you cut all ties with him cuz bitch how would you feel if logan was still hang out with his ex you would not like it and it was parly jess fault that you and logan broke up the first time cuz that ass always want women that is taken so cut that fucking loser cut of your life unless you and jess have a child that know one knows about or he's the father of this baby and you just make it seem like it's logans baby
1/18/2022 c13 lilkathra
rory maybe you she have abortion if you will not cut coffee out of your life that will harm your unborn child then you don't deserve the baby a mother has to sacrifice her favorite beverages like wine and coffee / caffeine what will hurt her baby cuz whatever you eat and dring will go to the baby and if you want to still eat things that hurt it then you should not have a baby cuz your just not cut out to be a mother just like your whore of a mother was not cut out to be a mother
1/18/2022 c1 lilkathra
rory if you loved logan you should have nothing to do with loser jess that should not still be a live and logan should know about the baby before your whore of a mother and jess in my opinion you should not have when to her wedding cuz in the next few months the likelihood this marriage will last cuz she can't help but fuck up everything in her life and you should not have her always near you and telling you how you should waist your time cuz if it was not for her you would not be a mid 30 without a relationship/ marriage too fucking broke cuz you only though about the career that made her happy and maybe you should have listen to logan father when he said you don't have what it take to be a journalist and maybe found another career that you could have done instead and you would not having and baby with your ex that you told him that you only wanted a fuck buddy then a real relationship with cuz bitch a never ending long distance relationship is not a good relationship and withen 2 years he would have walked away cuz you were too busy fucking around and spreading your legs to other man then to want to settle down with the man you claim to love but treated like shit
12/27/2020 c31 Guest
Still don't understand why Rory goes to Jess to edit & publish her book...
7/30/2020 c31 3Onceupondream82
I hope you write more to this!
11/10/2018 c31 Guest
Please finish this. Thanks! I love your storie.
8/8/2018 c31 December Jeffries1
Please update.
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