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4/3/2022 c24 Guest
I think the phone call that Finn took eas from either Logan or Colin telling him they sunk the yacht
4/3/2022 c14 Guest
and why didn't Finn make any attempt to contact Rory when he got back from boarding school? He was at Yale & she was living in Hartford attending Chilton
..seems odd to me.
4/22/2021 c24 Susan
Maybe the call came from the Indonesian police..Colin& Logan are in jail...
2/20/2021 c1 Susan
Good read. I like Rory & Finn match! I know you last updated 3 years ago, but I still hope you write some more chapters or complete..
1/26/2021 c24 Susan
My guess - Logan& Colin sunk the yacht...hope you do more chapters...
1/26/2021 c12 Susan
Wait - Finn would have been at Yale for 2 years while she finished at Chilton? & they didn't get together?
10/19/2020 c24 Susann
Great read! I see your last update was over 12 years ago, but I hope you will still write some new did leave chap 24 on a cliffhanger. What about the twins? Do they get married? Do they graduate college? Et al...
10/3/2020 c24 Susan
Great Read! I love Rory & Finn! Please write more chapters - I hope you include more about the twins & their wedding..
2/4/2020 c4 Chica1016
I really don’t see a huge difference between 14 and 16. When I was 14 I was in grade 9 and dating someone who was 15 turning 16 ... 18 yeah that’s a problem but I don’t understand why 14-16 is
12/3/2019 c24 Amberlina0418
please update!
10/5/2019 c24 kat0013
Please update this story it’s so good! Would love to see it finished
1/1/2019 c24 annalynn88
Absolutely love this story and hoping you will come back to it and finish. Very talented.
7/11/2018 c24 kat0013
Please update
6/15/2018 c24 7RaPage
Pls update more i love this
4/15/2018 c24 ms.ladyaries08
I love Rory and Finn
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