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4/3/2022 c17 Guest
Why in 19 years didn"t Christopher tell Rory her grandparents had been trying to contact her, her mother had returned all cards & gifts, name change, et al.
4/3/2022 c1 Guest
Why didn't change her name to name on original birth certificate- Lorelei Leigh Gilmore Hayden?
10/23/2021 c19 1Kmpcarter
I wish you had finished. I love Colin and Rory together!
10/15/2021 c15 Susan
Rory doesn't introduce Colin to her Mom? Rory does not confront her Mother about changing her name on her birth certificate?
4/2/2021 c19 Guest
Great story - I like Rory & Colin pair..rarely see it..Please a few more chapters or a sequel...
4/2/2021 c15 Susan
Really enjoying story. Q: why wouldn't Rory introduce Colin to Lorelei? Why wouldn't Rory ask her Mother about birth certificate change?
3/28/2021 c19 1GGRoganCoryAYITL
really hope you continue this at some point. While I love Rory & Logan as a couple, the idea of Rory and Colin's always been an intriguing pairing to me.
12/21/2020 c19 Guest
Good read! I know u wrote this a few years ago, but I hope you will write more chapters...
Question: Why not Gilmore-Hayden? She will end up being double heiress...
12/16/2020 c19 Guest
Well-written. I liked Colin & Rory pair. I question why not Gilmore-Hayden, especially since she is also Gilmore heir? I hope you write some more chapters..
12/1/2019 c19 Amberlina0418
love this, please continue!
10/27/2019 c19 2LunaEclipse94
Loving it can’t wait for more
2/17/2019 c19 Guest
I enjoyed what I've read so far. Please come back and continue this!
11/22/2018 c19 23Rori Potter
Amazing. Update soon.
9/9/2018 c19 Guest
Please update
4/16/2018 c19 nightnovice
That was interesting, like that Tory and Cplin both took a firm stand.
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