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10/20 c18 23Bennyweirlover17
fantastic and awesomely wonderful
10/20 c18 30MBAV fan66
Boy! Benny is all for this teamwork thing with Ethan, huh?! Lol! Whereas, Ethan is a bit hesitant about it and Erica...well, she's real skeptical about it but is trying to be supportive about the whole thing in her own way. Lol! And since Ethan's an ex-criminal now, that means he'll be able to given them a little more insight into how the mind of a criminal works. Making it a bit easier to predict the bad guy's movements and motives, too. Plus, I'm sure with some of the super villains, he probably knows all about how they operate, too, from probably working with them in the past or from what he's heard in the underbelly of the streets (aka, the criminal underworld of Whitechapel) from other lowlifes who like to gossip. ;)
9/27 c17 58TiredOfBeingNice

i absolutely love the idea of benny and ethan being a team and ethan trying so hard to redeem himself. but i also give kudos to benny for recognizing that he was a bit insane with his whole 'want to kill ethan' thing too! i find it really interesting how they both experienced changes that literally changed their fates; ethan trying to reverse his regret, and benny taking the time to learn more about ethan. i think that's super interesting and makes their moments together totally earned.

can't wait for the next chapter! :D
9/23 c17 23Bennyweirlover17
yes I’m really glad that you didn’t separate Ethan and Benny for long because i dislike it when they’re apart they’re better when they’re together also I’m really praying that in the end this story gets a happy ending where the boys are safe and happy cause I hate sad endings I’m definitely not a fan of them whatsoever so I’m really hoping that one of them doesn’t betray them or die in the end but it’s anyones guess because all in all it’s up to you after all because your the author but all I’m asking for and begging for that matter is that as a hardcore fan of the mbav universe that you don’t end up breaking our hearts in the end
9/23 c17 30MBAV fan66
Yay! I was right after all! Ethan's fate in his dream and many other outcomes of it that he saw in his visions happened to be the one outcome he didn't see coming! That he doesn't die after all or have to suffer a different terrible fate in the end! Yay! :D And now they're possibly back together again (with a few issues that probably still need to be sorted out, though)! I knew you couldn't keep our boys apart for long and have them wind up suffering a terrible fate in the end! :D *gives you great big hug filled with joy* I'm sure Ethan and Benny both appreciate your softness for them and their relationship, as well. *giggles* ;P You know? I think *my eyes start tearing up and my bottom lips begins to quiver a bit)...I think might just cry at how things turned out for them after all. *let's the dam of tears lose and now I'm full blown bawling my eyes out from all the happiness and joy I feel right now* :P
8/30 c16 23Bennyweirlover17
wow that backstory was definitely crazy freaky scary and traumatizing I feel really bad for Ethan so I hope everything works out with him especially since Benny is around him now anyway this was a very nicely written chapter and I can’t wait for more
8/29 c16 30MBAV fan66
FINALLY! We find out why Ethan's first relationship with a guy was so horrible! Lol! But my poor baby, though. I agree with Benny. I wanna give Ethan a hug, too, after that traumatic relationship experience he had with Boltz!

Now, we know what led to Ethan's desire to be bad. He just...got caught up in all the adrenaline that comes with having power over others for once, is all. After putting Boltz in his place finally by showing him his power, Ethan got addicted to the feeling of having others be afraid of him for once, rather than the other way around. All that power had went to his head and changed him. Only to inflate his dark ego even more, as time went by.

Benny has a lot to think about and a lot to sort out, too! After now finally getting the full scoop about Ethan's terrible past over the last few years. He's not sure what to feel at the moment. Or maybe he does? It's just...he's not sure how to properly put it to good use in order to help Ethan out without making things worse, is all. ;D

This is it! The big day is almost here! The day of Ethan's reckoning! It's about to go down here soon, but will it be as Ethan saw it or will it turn out differently from what he saw?! I can't wait! :D
8/24 c15 58TiredOfBeingNice
the bethan vibes :(( my poor heart can't handle it :((

im really curious to find out more about ethan's past because he sounds like he went through a lottt. also wanna punch this ex of his! doesn't sound like a good fella but i'll hold off my attack till i know more :p

im really excited to see how ethan and benny's meeting goes! it's good that they are slowly starting to become a lil less tense towards each other, shows their true emotions and vulnerability.

all in all, good stuff! excited to read the next chapter :DD
8/19 c15 30MBAV fan66
Seems like now that all the tension from the breakup has died down a bit, they're actually able to have a decent exchange of words without hostile attitude being thrown back and forth between them. And Benny, dear? You're not the only one who misses you being with Ethan because we ALL do! At least, I am. *giggle* ;P

And damn it, TEM! You torturing me with this past abusive ex-boyfriend of Ethan's, info you keep vaguely dropping in the chapters! I'm like...DYING to know who this guy is that hurt Ethan and what he did to him, too! :P Lol! XD I'm honestly starting to think you enjoy torturing us (or at least me, that is) like this. *giggle* ;P I think the REAL villain of this story is you, for constantly teasing us with this bit of information. *giggle* ;P Nah! But much love, my friend! Much love! *winks while blowing you a sweet little kiss*
8/19 c15 23Bennyweirlover17
wow this chapter really broke my heart you do such a great job writing angst and I’m here for it
8/6 c14 30MBAV fan66
Ooo! And I can't wait to read the rest, also! :D

You gotta love Erica's snarky banter with Benny whenever she's in an decent mood! Lol! XD They should do standup comedy together or something. Lol! :P

Looks like Benny's got one more person to talk to now, about Ethan's past and why he's the way he is today. I hope Rory's prepared to spill what he knows and I hope that Benny is prepared for what he has to spill, too.

Jane, I don't think you want to have a superpower where you gain muscle from the food you consume. Because then you'll be overly too buff and you'll look really weird looking with all those big bulging muscles all over you, too. She'll be Body Builder Jane, then! Lol! XD

But that was such a lovely note to leave on at, though. A little family bonding moment between Ethan, Sarah, and Danny. While looking at old baby pictures and videos of Danny when he was even younger. Can you say, Hallmark moment? Because that's exactly what that was. A Hallmark moment. *giggle* ;D
8/6 c14 23Bennyweirlover17
such a flawless and perfect chapter
7/29 c13 58TiredOfBeingNice

his fear of leaving danny fatherless and his desire to improve himself so he can make use of all the time he has left :(( makes me happy :((( also sarah being like 100% supportive of him is some good ! shit !

i am concerned about benny though, looks like he's going through his own moral dilemmas about ethan as well. and now that he is gonna know about danny and everything...things are about to get real interesting, i bet!
7/27 c13 30MBAV fan66
Looks like Benny isn't investigating Ethan as Vision anymore, but rather now he's investigating Ethan as Ethan. By digging into his past and who he is behind the scenes, when he's not Vision and committing crimes, to get answer. He wants to know who the REAL Ethan is. Or mostly used to be, that is. ;P Especially, since he was about to do something illegal and against his beliefs. Which would've made him a crooked a cop in a way. But after learning how Ethan had a son and seeing how kind and loving he was to the kid, now he's having second thoughts about killing his ex. Now, he wants the truth! The entire truth! And nothing but the truth! So, help him God! Oh, wait...that's what they say when they swear you into court. Uh...yeah. Heh-eh. *laughs awkwardly, while feeling really embarrassed with a blush* ;P But yeah! All Benny wants to know is just who exactly is Ethan Morgan and why he's so angry and bitter towards the world, too. And to see if there's still any redeemable qualities left in the man, too!

Ah, come on, Erica! You can't take back what you said now! You know he's your best friend! Admit it! ;D Lol! XD
7/27 c13 23Bennyweirlover17
wow this chapter is even better then the previous one I love it a lot
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