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10/20/2018 c22 2Morzan's Elvish Daughter
I adored the storyline in this one, but I must admit it was quite a slog to get through. There are a lot of grammatical errors, dropped words, and changes in tense in the middle of sentences. I simply love your poly stories, however, so made myself read on. If you would like, I would be happy to beta it for you, so it's more polished.
Wishing you well,
1/7/2018 c22 clockgirl191
Love the story I would also love if you considered making a more mature story. As always can't wait too see what you have in store for you're next story.
1/4/2018 c21 clockgirl191
If you are going to make the new story can you maybe try to make it more touchy as in Eric has desires as well. Love story can't wait to see epilogue.
12/31/2017 c20 clockgirl191
And do they live happily ever after?
12/28/2017 c19 clockgirl191
Oh can't wait to see what happens next
12/24/2017 c18 Guest
Can't wait too see what happens next
12/21/2017 c17 4TheNonBinaryCanary
No one can catch a break, heheheh.
12/21/2017 c1 clockgirl191
Love it can't wait for the next chapter
12/18/2017 c1 TheNonBinaryCanary
Shut up, Tyce.
12/14/2017 c16 clockgirl191
Yes you updated thank you! I just found your story and I love it can't wait to read more!
12/13/2017 c15 clockgirl191
Ah I love it can't wait for more!
12/3/2017 c14 TheNonBinaryCanary
11/30/2017 c13 TheNonBinaryCanary
Erik, poor thing. Does someone need a hug? I think he does.
11/27/2017 c12 TheNonBinaryCanary
"Then let us win him over together!" if only it were that easy.
11/21/2017 c11 TheNonBinaryCanary
Aw, you're welcome, love. My poor opera babies...
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