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for My Whole Life Too

12/21/2018 c13 Guest
This entire time I was thinking either they divorce or end up with a kid. That escalated quickly, who put onions right in front of me..
11/16/2018 c14 celino
I was crying through this chapter! I love your stories. Please keep up the beautiful work.
1/30/2018 c14 Guest
Oh my God! I cried... I'm cry now!
Thanks for all and i waiting for more!
1/30/2018 c14 CaRu-thewitch
Thanks for all!
I was cried, I'm crying now but i waiting for the new text!
1/23/2018 c13 CaRu-thewitch
:o ! nooo!
1/22/2018 c13 malditaQUIL
Finally! I always forget that we are one day ahead of you.. hahaha.. My poor Tina.. crossing me fingers that this will be a happy ending ..
1/16/2018 c12 Guest
I like it so far, but, if I might make a suggestion, don't use so many adjectives. Really. Some of them don't make much sense, while others just slow it all down unnecesarily.
It's a good story. Let it flow.
1/16/2018 c12 Guest
I sense something bad is going to happen. Hopefully not to bad. Can’t wait for the next update
12/21/2017 c10 Accalia Sage
This is a very cute fic so far, though I do have one sugggestion: maybe, instead of focusing all your fancy descriptive words onto some of the more obvious things, which is happening in a way that it sometimes feels like just slightly too much, you could direct some of it into some more detailed description of the little things, to give more of a sense of setting and atmosphere. For example, in a kitchen scene, spoons being tarnished, or mugs chipped, etc.
12/5/2017 c9 2strangelove9
What a beautiful story! Your Hufflepuff shows here through and through :)
11/28/2017 c9 Guest
Looks like we skipped a few years or months. It’s more t rated not m rated. Still very good. Update soon
11/19/2017 c8 Guest
Thanks for the update. Been waiting all week for this! Update Soon.
11/10/2017 c6 Guest
I’ll be waiting to see what happens next. Want to the romance between Newt and Tina start soon I hope. not too quickly but soon.
10/30/2017 c5 Guest
This is a great chapter. The interaction between Queenie and Tina is ver good. I can’t wait for the next chapter to see how Newt is doing. Keep up the great work.
10/31/2017 c5 Lamsouth61
Another really good chapter. I like the way you handled the interaction between Queenie and Tina. Very well done. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
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