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1/12/2020 c13 Andrea1984
Twins for Nan and Jerry, wow.
I hope the best for them.

9/16/2019 c22 Guest
I’ve read through this entire story, and I just want to know what your problem with Jem is? Like, in your other story you turn him into an unattantive jerk and in this you take everything that is him - his interest in becoming a doctor, his interest in taking over his father’s practice.. even his relationship with Gilbert you’ve completely erased and given it to Faith. You should’ve put this as an au and said it was the story about Faith Blythe and Jem Meredith because you’ve basically replaced Jem with Faith in... everything? Not that I think Faith shouldn’t be a doctor or have a career of her own, but HER OWN not Jem’s dreams. With the exception of the last paragraph it sounds like Gilbert cares more about Mara and Faith then he ever did his own sons and that is not Gilbert at all. But as I said, this is how you write Jem so maybe you just don’t like him and that is okay.
9/14/2018 c22 Jxuan
Ahhh...such a lovely ending here. I've always wanted to read about an ending where Gilbert and Anne take stock and reflect on what they have achieved in their life. There are other fanfics where I've wished there was such a chapter. This is it. I love it that Gilbert is the one looking back at them and thinking of days past. The part where he promised little Jem the world brought tears to my eyes. How time flies!

I love their christmas gathering! You write it so well I could just imagine the scene unfolding. And I'm so happy shirley and mara came back! Love it love it love it. LOVE IT!

And as usual I have some thoughts and questions:

Is Di with Alastair?
How old are Teddy and Kitty actually? And are they together?
Did Mara lose her entire family to the flu? I know Alec died in the war but the rest?
Are Shirley and Mara back for good then? At fox corner?

I was wondering if there would ever be a meeting of Monday and Tuesday...
Actually I thought initially Shirley would adopt Tuesday since he's a vet (love for animals) and he and Mara didn't intend to have children (people who don't have kids usually have pets).
I would have liked to see more of Shirley's job as a vet and maybe more of the animal-loving side of him.
Why is it that none of the other households have a Susan Baker in it? Lol.

Poppy and Peter don't have any kids?
Can't help but notice the number of grandkids in this story has dwindled lol. Rilla has no kids of her own (other than Jims), Di's not married, Shirley has none, Nan has 2 and Jem has 1. Total of...3.

Why could't Una and Carl be back for Christmas too? And why are they always together? Don't they have partners?

Speaking of which, there's very little on their university life (Shirley, Jem, Faith etcdo they have any friends in school? I mean, all the graduations just seem to come and go without any significance.

Is Jerry still an artist? Does he sell his paintings for a living then?

Can't help but notice Diana's pretty much absent in this story. Fred and her kids too.

Okok I could go on and on and of course if you had to add all these into the story, it would stretch 80 chapters.
These are just ramblings, I'm reflecting on the whole story and jotting what comes to mind.

Thank you for this story. I like it. A lot.
9/14/2018 c20 Jxuan
Shirley's wedding, finally! This is the first fanfic I read that details his wedding so nicely! You're given us so much of Shirley here, I could just picture him. The books painted a pretty blank picture of him and you're brought him to life!

Now I'm curious again. Are those saga seeds? Do they help in birth control? And why do Shirley and Mara not want kids? I did wonder how did they manage not to have Mara pregnant when they had sex on so many occasions!

I love these gatherings where we catch a glimpse of everyone!
9/12/2018 c18 Jxuan
Oh I absolutely love this chapter! Dog Tuesday! It's such a nice and warm and snuggly little chapter. Jem's response to not Thursday was hilarious, and so is the comment about responding to days of the week and Faith's comment about not having a choice hahaha. Which brings to mind why is Monday not with Jem at Larkrise?

So Jem has graduated! I missed the part that says he's continuing on with the apprenticeship as a proper job. And its just so apt that he's called away to a murder while his son was being born! Where does the name Christopher hail from? Is Edward after Teddy then?

And seriously Jem's a combination of a detective plus a pathologist.
9/9/2018 c5 Jxuan
Erm ok so I've arrived at your works, which I've earmarked for a long time but never got down to actually reading them as I'm more of an anne and gilbert fan rather than their kids. Recently though I've been reading the after war stories and someone mentioned your works to me so here I am.

I must say your style of writing is quite new to me. And to be honest I kind of struggled with it, in the beginning. There's alot of reading between the lines for a deeper understanding of whats going on (and that isn't my strength), alot of christian references that I didn't quite get and a host of strange words and phrases too. That said however, I get the plot more or less and I do like what you do with the characters, especially Shirley who gets alot more page time.

So I've gone through lilacs, after ingleside, pieces of lives and then this up till here. I must say I got a little mixed up with Shirley, him with Una and then him with Mara. I like both pairings though.

Just a few thoughts I have so far: firstly from after ingleside, I was waiting to see how Una moves past her crush for Walter to accepting Shirley. And I kind of found that part missing. That exploration of her inner feelings. I wonder if Shirley actually knew of her crush?
Secondly from here, I'm wondering what kind of a doctor Jem is? A pathologist? I mean he's examining bodies and all rather than doing the job of a gp.
Thirdly, the contrast between the couples is quite huge. Jem/Faith settling down quite nicely, Shirley/Mara too seems to have moved on. Jerry though, is still lost and somewhat living in darkness. He's finding it so hard to catch up on what's going on. I think he's going to have a meltdown soon. Fourthly, Rilla looks a little left out. I wonder where's Ken and why's he not with them for Christmas. I mean they're engaged after all.
5/2/2018 c22 7Bathsheba Blythe
What a wonderful ending to this beautiful story!

I simply loved the excitement of Anne, awaiting her children and grandchildren to arrive for Christmas. It made me think of her as a little girl again and I think that this part of her never went away at all. And that chaotic arrival of everyone almost at the same time, that was lovely too. It sounded very true to life and very fitting to this big, happy family.

I enjoyed reading their conversations and the news. Mara and Shirley came back to Canada and although I would have loved for them to stay in Scotland I completely understand why they decided to return, to the people they love most in this world.

The very last paragraph was so lovely. I enjoyed reading it from Gilbert's perspective, looking at his own 'clan' if you like and smiling at them during the happiest time of year. It felt very much like a description of the cycle of life to me and it felt like a perfect end to this story.

Thank you so much for writing such a beauty of a story, Alinya! :)
5/1/2018 c21 Bathsheba Blythe
I finally got to this brilliant chapter! Sorry for being so incredibly late!

First of all, I really enjoyed how you structured it, with changing settings, points of view and conversations. It really added to the dilemma of Shirley and Mara about how they see their future. I'm very interested to see what they will choose and somehow I can't picture them living anywhere else but in Scotland now.

I think it's because of the way you described them in Scotland and how you described Scotland itself. It seems like a character in its own right. I always wanted to visit Scotland myself and I do plan on doing so one day, even more so after reading such vivid and vibrant descriptions of yours!

I always enjoy the interactions between the girls who pin hopes and this scene in this chapter was no exception. It was so lovely to see how their friendship doesn't fade at all, and even on the contrary, it grows as they grow in experiences I think. It was truly such a perfect 'heart' in this chapter.

Now I can't wait to read the last chapter of this wonderful story tomorrow when I will have some more free time to do so as well!

It was a joy to read, Alinya, but then all of your chapters always are. :)
4/22/2018 c22 2Kim Blythe
I loved that ending, it was perfect, and christmasy, and loving !
4/22/2018 c21 Kim Blythe
I am going to say, just like the rest of them : They can't stay !

But, they can always come back, for long visits, vacations, because and after all, Scotland is Mara's home...
4/22/2018 c20 Kim Blythe
I don't think Susan would have been, anything but happy for Shirley, on his wedding day, even though it wasn't how she had envisioned and wished for his wedding...

I loved it how you had Jem's dog and Shirley and Mara's cat, Pilgrim there as well, it felt so right to have them both there, especially Pilgrim !

This was such a lovely description, going back to Gilbert and Anne's own wedding day, with Jo reminding Gilbert that he kept looking at Anne, almost believing this was to good to be true and that Anne would disappear into thin air in an instant...

And now, it was time for Shirley to look at Mara the same way as his father did so long ago !
4/22/2018 c19 Kim Blythe
So, if I understood correctly, there was a first Mrs Hennesey, married to Able Hennessey, but then, something happened, Able took a mistress, had a child with her and the first Mrs Hennesey found out all about her husband other life and, she wanted him to pay by poisoning him ?!
4/20/2018 c20 Guest
What a lovely chapter this was!

I really love how you started this chapter with both Mara and Poppy. They are such wonderful friends together and even though we don't get a lot of scenes with the two of them, this one only proved just how amazing of an understanding and friendship they have.

The wedding was truly beautiful. From Susan's moments that made me laugh, through Gilbert laughing at Ken who couldn't dance properly, to the reminiscing of Gilbert and Anne too. It all felt so natural, all those moments to be placed together in this chapter, within this particular wedding. There's so much in this chapter that I could go on an on about because I just loved it all. The special remembrance of Walter was wonderful and I was glad to read that he's not remembered through tears and I'm sure he'd want that.

That last scene between Mara and Shirley was simply beautiful. It was somehow more significant than others which makes it all the clearer that the two of them were serious about the promises they made for one another. And speaking of promises, the one that Mara makes at the very end sounds like the one Shirley can always hold onto, it's almost like the more personal repetition of the wedding vows they shared hours earlier. And them sharing the stories of their most horrific memories from the time of war was a very significant scene which I think solidified their relationship even more.

You couldn't have written a better chapter, Alinya! :)
4/15/2018 c22 8Catiegirl
This was a beautiful finish! A Christmas with all home was wonderful- I loved it beginning and ending with Anne and Gilbert, and I loved him finishing with LMM's wonderful quote. I love the referral to the Kingsport contingent, and Susan and her dislike of Rome and punishing of the teapot... oh, Susan. Gilbert's eagerness was brilliant- and Anne crashing her way through for each arrival with a different utensil/kitchenware item! I do this myself. And it was gorgeous to see those little touches of Marilla with the rosebud china. Rilla's hat was such a scream- and we will do anything for those we love, wouldn't we? I loved that Ken insisted on it, but more than that, that Gilbert needed no explanation about the original!

Little touches of the characters we so love- I love that you tied the war-whoop with Jem, and Christopher hating the train. A gorgeous line too was Gilbert "reaching for the warm, writhing bundle of limbs that was his grandson." I adored Nan and Rilla talking about what could be children but was probably writing- and all of us writers on here said amen! It is very like. The whole scene was bright, and reassuringly like everyone- that we care for your own characters as well as LMM's is a testament to you alone. I don't know if I've ever said this to you before, but you write Gilbert wonderfully- the times when he is on the page/screen makes me so happy!

Gorgeously enjoyable too, that sneaky Santa Claus who always comes when Dr Blythe isn't there- and sneaks in a kiss for Mrs Blythe! How cheeky. Finally having Teddy back at Ingleside was something I didn't realise I wanted so much- that makes him really family now, I think. I loved Faith, and Jem embracing him immediately- his and Kitty's adoption was a foregone conclusion. I found myself almost teary at Gilbert recalling the House of Dreams days, and promising his son the world- that was lovely. It was a beautiful, beautiful finish, and I can't wait to see what you have ready for them next.
4/13/2018 c22 38oz diva
This was just such a warm and cosy and happy ending to an amazing story. Everyone squeezed around the table, making more space when necessary. Unexpected arrivals in the form of Shirley and Mara, they fit in so perfectly in Scotland that I can predict they’ll go back sometime.

I can’t help comparing yours and Eliza’s Christmas scenes to my own, funny that the three of us wrote them in such a short space and quite unseasonably too. I can just picture this massive family crammed into the room. The snow laying all about the house. Cold outside, cosy within.
The scene after dinner with them playing games, chatting the the little boys building a railroad around unsuspecting feet is gorgeous.

The memory of Walter lingers still as he will forever, but they are all happy and healthy for now.
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