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for Who Wants to See Me Take off Snivelly's Pants (To be re-written)

7/13/2023 c4 COULDNT12761022
Fucking psychos the pair of them what kids comes up with this at least Sirius comes from a fucked family but James this is pure evilness
7/13/2023 c2 COULDNT12761022
[For chapter 3] Is now honestly the best time to berate him for his friends after a horrific and traumatic attack also Lucius would have definitely have helped Snape just that he's already graduated, but still the adults are being awful to Snape what he needs (especially right now) is comfort and support not being told he should give up his friends and that he's shouldn't be thinking about revenge (translation: protecting The Mauraders), Snape has every right to want revenge (and I agree it someone's wronged you then you have every right and justification to get back at them). I already know Snape tries to off himself and to be completely honest if I went through this attack then I'd probably try to off myself (no offense to anyone) but it's the teachers ignorance that allowed Snape to nearly off himself quite frankly if this is what the "good" side is like then if I was Snape I'd rather just join Voldemort at least they'd appreciate him.

Sorry about my rant but Pomfrey just set me off
7/13/2023 c3 COULDNT12761022
This is a brilliant Villain origin and I'm all for Snape going out for blood John Wick style, in fact I fully support Snape in whatever actions he takes at those who even cheered the Mauraders on (everyone who supported the Mauraders actions and the Mauraders themselves deserve to suffer as Snape has suffered because of thei
1/2/2023 c23 guest
Entirely aside from your having fallen for the Saint Lily / All Blame on Snape BS, you've ~really~ gone off the rails here. Since Potter made it to Hogwarts, he wouldn't be appealing to a bunch of snotnoses but to his Lord God, Dumbles. WTF?!

As stupid as it is, I'll throw good time after bad and read to the end.
1/2/2023 c22 guest
Evans deserves her Darwin Award; too bad I know she won't get it. Snape could (eventually) recover and find someone better since he would know he'd done everything he could to keep her safe ~without~ having endangered her (as he did in canon) in the first place.
6/30/2022 c1 1EmicaEerie
I haven't even read this (I like complete stories because I'm too lazy to check for updates) but the concept sounds interesting. I'll check back with your rewrite later. I'm only posting because I wanted to see the reviews and by God, that asshat that left a review as a guest who attacked your person because they didn't like the way you portrayed their favorite character. I'm sorry you've got to deal with that.

I personally don't like James or Sirius but I also hate demon James or demon Snape. (Can't say I hate demon Sirius. I hate that character more than James and found him abrasive) They're jackass kids. They're gonna do stupid shit when you're reading about their Hogwarts years.

But to the asshat guest, if you don't like the way a character is portrayed, don't attack the writer. Go find a different story. For real. There are literally 100k stories to sift through.
5/28/2022 c1 COULDNT12761022
I honestly think they did because why else would Severus Snape wear so many layers later on in life that is my main evidence that this happened anyway
4/27/2022 c4 Guest
This is graphic
4/23/2022 c24 12Emperor Ferus
This was one of my favorite fanfics, and I’d still be m interested in seeing how it ends
1/24/2022 c19 Bandaman15
God, Lily is such a piece of shit in this story, she needs to drop Snape out of her life because she’s a vile fucking asshole who seems to secretly enjoy causing him grief with James (no apology there, of course). Everyone sucks here but Lily takes the cake for the worst, I’d rather see Snape dating James then continue pining for her when she’ll always see him as second best or even last to the guy who maimed him. Fuck that uppity hypocritical bitch
10/14/2021 c1 Guest
WOW, when I watched harry potter i was with suspense, but this is great
4/30/2021 c1 Emperor Ferus
I know some people have said madd things here, but I’m a big fan of this story and I love what you’ve done with the characters. If you ever decide to return to it, I’d be very ecstatic to see how it plays out
11/21/2020 c7 Guest
They should have been expelled
6/19/2020 c1 1Vijay Sisodia
James is a motherfucker I would simply love beat the fuck out of him and his pack of mongrels.
4/21/2020 c6 Guest
I'm gonna come and beat u up for whatever punishment ur giving these two. Ur the one who deserves it. U, sniv and Evans, NOT ja es and Sirius
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