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10/10/2018 c3 1Johnwolf234
I'll be honest, this is the main problem I see with the Prime Directive being rigidly enforced. No one in their right mind would stand by and just let an entire intelligent species die from a natural disaster just because they haven't developed warp travel yet. It undermines the whole equality for all thing Starfleet has by basically saying 'eh, we don't care if a few pre-warp primitives die'. So yeah, that scene was one of the things I disliked about that movie.
8/7/2018 c2 2WHCnelson
2/18/2018 c2 EvilTheLast
Well, the 2nd chapter was more interesting then the first chapter. The first chapter left me confused. Well...I'm still confused...the whole dreaming about future/past(?) events.
1/16/2018 c1 WHCnelson
Interesting and confusing
11/17/2017 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man
10/3/2017 c1 1Uberch01
nice execution
10/1/2017 c1 orionastro
very good beginning for the story

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