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6/24/2018 c10 23neomoon585
I sure missed this and this is a sad chapter so far, even though I've read this in the previous mentioned stories. Thrax doesn't deserve this and neither does his loving mother and sister! Ed must pay for this and double!

Nice work, btw!
12/21/2017 c9 neomoon585
It's hard to know that friendships can be broken that easily between friends. I have a feeling Ed's up to no good, but then again, I've read the all of DarkraixCresselia's stories so I might have an idea.

Still, I'm interested to see what you'll write soon enough. I hope to read more which it's well written by the way! Good Luck and Merry Christmas! :)
11/8/2017 c8 neomoon585
I'm glad that Kya won her race but felt bad for her treatment for it. Lucky for her, she has friends who care for her and a mother.

The choices you gave are tough. I would like for her to leave with Thrax but then again, it's your choice. But yet I wonder if she'll meet her brother again.

Great chapter!
11/8/2017 c7 neomoon585
Oh please don't delete it. I love it! I'm sorry that I haven't been able to review, been busy with my life choices. But enough about that.

What Thrax did was crazy and insane! Why would he make a friend a bet? And what is Ed planning which I know won't be good?

Nice chapter, even though it has sad parts! Keep up the good work!
10/20/2017 c4 neomoon585
She sounds cool and tough! And the fact that she could drive at such a young age, Lucky her! I'm having fun reading this. Keep it up!
10/17/2017 c2 neomoon585
Whoa, Kyrosis sure had the guts to escape a body and at such a young age. She really got my attention and I can't wait for the next chapter especially when we get to meet our favorite villain! Good luck on the rest of chapters!

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