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3/6 c4 3LongLiveHumour
Interesting! That's a twist I didn't expect. I like Bert, whoever he is.
11/13/2018 c2 nibbafiggit
10/31/2017 c5 135Scoobyfan4ever
Cool story. Can't wait to see what you write next
10/24/2017 c4 Scoobyfan4ever
Truly excellent work. I cannot wait to see the ending.
10/18/2017 c3 Scoobyfan4ever
You're right it was rushed again but if you want I could explain to you how to edit it. Good work though
10/14/2017 c2 Scoobyfan4ever
This is getting interesting but it feels a tad rushed. It would be best to slow down a bit
10/7/2017 c1 Guest
Hey . Not bad. I have got idea For your new fanfiction.
What if Evil in the last episode takes under control Shaggy ?
Warning : Shaggy not dies , the gang not make another time line , and it must to be one chapter and let the tell be called '' Friends until the end , no matter what ,, ok ?
10/6/2017 c1 Guest
PLEASE write more chapters soon!
I want to know if Fred gets woke up!

It’s really good so far!
10/6/2017 c1 Scoobyfan4ever
Very interesting. I can't wait to see where this goes.

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