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1/19 c24 St.Alessia
This story is wonderful! I just binged the whole thing in 2 days! I look forward to reading your next chapter!
11/26/2019 c24 6jessylane318
It upsets me that this story doesn’t have more reviews. Your work is of a professional level with plot twists and concepts that truly keep me coming back. Thank you for the update.
11/2/2019 c23 Alexis
LOVE YOUR STORY! I just finished it up can’t wait to see what happens next!
9/16/2019 c23 Iskandar06
8/18/2019 c23 Canix
Love the story
6/24/2019 c22 jessylane318
So interesting! Great chapter overall!
3/26/2019 c9 Nikkless
this became shit quite fast
3/26/2019 c9 Nikkless
ill drop this if mc is raped
2/27/2019 c19 1MaVennan
this story is making me cry so much, I am so sad for Erelani! I feel like her life is a pile of shit she can't avoid and has to step in. I want to hug her and comfort herI also ship her with Solas, but allas~ the power is in the tip of your fingers ~
2/10/2019 c20 Iskandar06
awesome fic so more updates please
12/5/2018 c19 6jessylane318
Another amazing update. My favorite part about this is how not-perfect your characters are. Also, Desire is fantastic. Congrats on graduating! This is my last semester of college as well, though I'm working on my masters and working at the same time (teaching, the job that never ends, lol!). Anyways, good work!
12/5/2018 c19 1MeanE
Stop it with your heart games, you'll make me cry! Nope, too late... Already bawling my eyes out. Thanks a ton.
9/30/2018 c18 6jessylane318
I LOVE this story. I've been keeping up with your updates for the last few chapters, but I have to say, this one was amazing. I love how you portray Erelani, I love her anger, her pride, and her desire. What I find interesting is that, even though she used to be a human, she now despises these.

I also enjoy your depiction of the OCs. Overall excellent job! I can't wait to see the relationship between Solas and Erelani develop. And after this chapter, I'm on the edge of my seat for more. :D
9/28/2018 c18 3Cyan Sung-Sun
"Recovering beaten housewife?" She's got an emotional dependency on Desire. But maybe I'm wrong, she's got a spine after all. So, uh...Giselle coming to see the Templars defect? I imagine so since we all know how it goes down. Hmm, BTW, can that time mage go back in time? It was done at the end of the quest so you can continue the rest of the game. Send the MC back with a note to herself about the Inquisition?
9/15/2018 c17 Cyan Sung-Sun
I stayed up until 6:00 to finish reading this! So you need to take responsibility and have her pair up with Kaari! You also need to establish Elven dominance or have her willingly destroy the world. By the way, she's not actually going to go to see the Templars defect right? She knows the outcome and has better things to do. Right?
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