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12/1 c42 6BarbyChan4ever
Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was great. Sorry I couldn't read and review this chapter earlier.

Some interesting conversations between J and Hellenos on this chapter. I especially liked the bit where he asks her about L and refers to him as a boy. Sometimes I forget he's young and not super old XD
It was funny how J kept freaking out over Mello driving. I'm scared for him and what's going to happen next.
I'm definetely interested in the original version of the story. Hope all is well with you.
11/29 c31 8Ndasuunye
FINALLY! Phew, what a chapter. After 30 chapters of mixed droll and moderate excitement, the story is finally getting good. I ABSOLUTELY love how you mixed in so many biblical references. So is Ryuk still a true shinigami gone rogue or just a straight up demon masquerading as a grim reaper? Because it starting turn him more into a Devil's minion more than a neutral shinigami. Its also important to note that she seems to keep reverting back to square one despite the dozens of times she accepted her lot a woman who loves all. Then apparently after a year of all this (I thought that whole yotsuba thing lasted only a few months and the jailing only happened for 5 weeks) she still refuses to to try to stay positive and is quick to fold into her emotions despite knowing how it all works by now. It can be so annoying to read, almost made me give up on the plot several times. Thank goodness the idea is super solid. Her character flaws overall is too flawed to be a character that can be easily followed imo anyway. Still great writing, glad the story is picking up and I hope it continues to be great.
11/29 c42 Milenna
Eu gosto muito da história
11/27 c20 Ndasuunye
At first I thought it was pretty cool, she is still coming to grasps with her godly powers, but the CONSTANT mood swings knowing exactly who she is dealing with AND the fact that she knows God has entrusted her with vision people would literally kills for is driving me up the wall. How much do you need to be exposed to a narcissist like L to know you can't approach him any old way. And that crying doesn't do squat. That is kind of turning me way off from this story.
11/26 c42 11JenRiley16
Goodness, I am... This is... Wow. Truthfully, I’m not much of a believer in...anything, really. However, this has crawled beneath my skin and I feel like beautiful things are blossoming. That probably makes no sense.

I love Jubilee more than words can express. I love how you’ve built all the characters, especially Jubilee, Hellenos, and L (Mello is a favorite too)! I literally weep EVERY TIME I read any scene any of them are in.

I adore the colors. It just... I feel it all, you know? I feel all of this. It’s made me think about things in a way I never really have before and I want you to know that I thank you for putting this story into the world!
11/24 c42 Guest01
11/17 c42 Breewtf
this chapter was so good ! this is easily one of my favorite fanfics ever written, i wish the author would update more often aaaaa
11/16 c42 Gabrielle
Omg...Omg...Omg! I love the chapter!
11/16 c42 3MJKryer
Oh man! A cliffhanger! Such an awesome chapter :D already excited for the next one!
11/16 c42 12bored411
Oh man. How crazy! Can’t wait to see how that turns out and eagerly awaiting more!
11/14 c42 8ToxicPineapple
bxbdbdhdhdhdh NOOOO MELLO! FBDBDB ahshvssb my BOY no fhdb ahbsbnnnhhhhhhhh i already lost him ONCE and he's gone again ;D;

ughgh this chapter was so hard to read! emotionally that is, the writing was as flawless as ever. i loved the conversation between jubilee and hellenos, he's always such a gem, and i liked him on tech support too. jubilee is going through a TON man but she's come so far! mmm

i really felt l's worries at the beginning and now i am nervous... i don't think you'd kill them both but then again you have before (lmao get it) i'm still holding out for a happy ending yknow dhdbdbdb

beautiful work as ever!

(and :D omg i'm so happy to hear about the original work version of this, that makes me so excited bc i'd honestly looooove to read that. you're so talented! bless.)
11/14 c42 15chaosmoon75
This just keeps getting more intense, but in a good way. Still nail biting lol, but good. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
11/14 c42 ScarletSea
Nooo does mello still die!?
11/13 c41 3MJKryer
I am so in love with your story, and your writing! Its been hard to find a really good L/oc story, so I was very thankful when I happened upon yours! Looking forward to the next chapter 3
11/8 c41 3JustJolola
Hi! Wow, two years... Congrats! Sticking with a story over that length of time and consistently writing to the standard that you do is something to be proud of, for sure. :)
Sorry I haven't reviewed for a few chapters...apologies (I will also reply to your last message - I can't believe it's been so long)!

I love the way Jubilee and L interact with Mello, Near and Matt. It's nice how, despite despite how young the successors are, they're taken just as seriously as anyone else would be and play such important roles in the case, yet their youth adds some sweet moments too. :p

All these questions about Mikami, Takada, the death notes and what's going on with them...and Takada knows she's being observed?...I wonder what will happen at the warehouse? How are they going to figure things out before then (though I'm sure they will figure something out)? Questions, questions...

Good luck with NNWM! Hope it's going okay with everything else. Hope you're doing okay, and as usual, looking forward to the next chapter. :)
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