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1/13/2018 c1 LordOfFireAndIce
I have a requested crossover story that I want you to write :

Crossover between : Devil May Cry ( Original Version / But minor elements from the reboot devil may cry will be included into the story also ) and Grim Tales ( from down below / comics owned by Bleedman )

Note : This story basically takes place in an alternative DMC universe where Vergil had actually defeated his own brother Dante in their final confrontation ( Original dmc3 game / basically he didn't really kill his brother Dante / instead he just left him their unconscious without his amulet ) and had finally obtained Sparda's Power ( Force Edge ) . but moments before he could even go to confront Mundus . he is mysteriously teleported across time into another dimension through a dimensional portal . while traveling his soul is somehow forcefully combined with his own reboot counterparts who had just become the new demon king ( Post Downfall DmC Vergil ) . which changes his own appearance slightly ( glowing white eyes and veins on his face ) along with combining their own powers and abilities ( meaning he gains his reboots Nephalem abilities / plus new Vergil's memories / only of his smart intellect and knowledge of his own Nephalem powers )
into one . after arriving into the new world ( Grim tales universe / 35 years before the events of grim tales / from down below )

playing it smart ( using his own reboot counterparts strategic thinking and planning before action )

he decides to keep a very low profile and try to fully master his own demonic powers ( resulting in him becoming just as powerful as DMC2 Dante / Aka unlocking his own majin devil trigger / or if not surpassing him / due to not placing a limit on his power /like Dante did to himself because he was becoming too powerful / along with becoming fully demonic / like post downfall Vergil / this means that Vergil is likely more powerful than his father Sparda / Aka Multiversal / due to unlocking his perfect devil trigger / unused second form of devil trigger / aka from DMC4 concept art / which makes the user seemingly all powerful and nearly impossible to defeat / along with the user slowly losing all traces of their humanity and becoming a feral being as a result / if they are unable to control it / but in this story Vergil Sparda actually learns how to control it / resulting in him being able to switch between his own human form and demonic form at will / Plus Majin Devil Trigger / yeah i know / Vergil is now ridiculously overpowered / aka far more powerful than his own father Sparda )

for at least 23 years . And now 12 years later after Billy and Mandy along with Grim himself encountered the immortal son of Sparda named Vergil

( who had nearly devastated Grim in their very first encounter / due to being a lot faster than him / along with his 23 years of training / to master his own demonic powers / but decided to spare him / instead of ending Grim's life / saying that they would eventually meet again one day and he would finally claim the reapers own Scythe / along with the blonde haired 12 year old girl named Mandy never forgetting the dangerous encounter they had with the immortal power craving devil himself named Vergil Sparda and those glowing white eyes of pure emptiness itself / a menacing picture of which would forever stick within her very mind until they finally meet each other once again / years later after she grew up and became a young woman ) , An Adult Mandy

( In this AU she never married Grim / and had kids with him / but they still remained ties as close friends to each other / due to her past experience and her decisive moment with the man named Vergil / Along with Grim and Billy himself / plus her own curiosity of wanting to know who man actually was and his secret past life along with his own childhood experiences / meaning she wondered if there would ever be a time when she would meet the insanely powerful devil and those piercing white eyes of his / and how he truly became this way )

happens to cross paths with the immortal son of Sparda yet again ( but he had somehow discovered how to make himself look more human / and not corrupted / Aka without the glowing white eyes and veins on his face / original DMC3 Vergil facial appearance wise / possibly using Grims Scythe / due to him living many years with the same grotesque facial appearance he had when his soul was fused with his reboot counterparts / Post Downfall Vergil / along with Grim truly realizing that all Vergil needed was to change his facial appearance into something much more pleasant using his Scythe / Original DMC3 facial appearance ) . but this time it would be through totally different means of course . igniting a brand new fire within the frigid hearts of these two sinister individuals. a love and romance of which would never be forgotten ..

Main Pairing : Vergil ( Basically This Version of Vergil / Is the original version fused with his own reboot counterpart / Post Downfall ) x Mandy ( She never married Grim in this AU story / but they still remained very close friends that is )

Rated M for Sex Language Nudity And Violence .

Genre : Drama / Romance / Adventure

Title : An Immortal Son Of Sparda And His Blond Haired Maiden Of Darkness .

Summary : When two young children and their grim reaper happen to meet an immortal devil . one who had nearly devastated their beloved friend named Grim with its own catastrophic power . a young girl named Mandy would never forget the day she had ever meet such a fascinating individual . one with sheer ruthlessness and brutality that rivaled her very own . along with piercing white eyes glowing brightly in ferocious intensity without any actual depth to them . an ominous image of which would forever stick within her very mind until the day she became an adult . many years later they happen to cross paths yet again . although it is through totally different means of course . igniting an entirely new fire within the chilled hearts of these two sinister individuals . creating an emotion and romance of which would never be forgotten .

To the author please do my requested crossover story that's all I am kindly asking ..

Thank You ..

PS : Basically how Mandy meets Vergil Sparda a second time when she became an attractive adult . is that she was actually attacked by him . while he was in his feral perfect devil trigger form . but before he could even fatally wound her or possibly even kill her . she quickly realizes that this was the same immortal devil she had met years ago when she was just a twelve year old girl . in which she somehow helps him out of his feral state ( by gently placing her hand on his cheek and caressing it / in which that physical touch of love by the young blonde haired woman / quickly snaps him back into reality once more ) resulting in Vergil Sparda finally being able to control the inner devil within ( Perfect devil trigger ) and can now switch between three different forms at will ( Majin demon trigger / Perfect devil trigger / and human form / which is a pretty neat thing / really ) .
10/13/2017 c1 Jean
Wow, never expected devil may cry in vampire universe, but your story is very interesting, cannot wait for future sequels if there is any, but hopefully you’ll write it one day :))

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