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for The Stardust of Remnant

12/13/2023 c7 HelloEver22
I love this story! I hope you are well and maybe come back soon
7/1/2023 c4 Guest
Ech, too crackish. Plot moves at a glacial pace. Kinda disappointing tbh.
6/6/2023 c7 Genocide54
is the author okay?
It's been a long time without news and I'm worried.
4/15/2023 c7 Guest
Try watching physc2go videos on youtube they might lift your mood
2/21/2023 c7 Guest
Take as much time as you need
2/20/2023 c7 Guest
Yoooooo I didn't know you were writing a fic like this wtf

Aside from Hunter Amongst Villains, I guess I now have another story to keep in my bookmarks!

Hope you're doing well man, take your time. Much love!
2/2/2023 c7 Guest
Another 10/10 as expected of one of the top three goats on the site
12/24/2022 c7 ooooooompa looooompa
Hopefully him knowing about Pyrrha before hand won't ruin the Arkos ship...
12/12/2022 c7 Stormzy
To be honest... damn... This the first work from the author I don't particularly enjoy. The quality of writing takes a major step down in comparison to his other works. The plot seems to be all over the place and rushed. Just giving my honest opinion as with every other work you've written. Amazing. I'd consider this an ok work if I wasn't expecting better.
12/7/2022 c7 ThevenTrouse
This is fun. I love how implemented Star Wars into rwby and am looking forward to the next chapter.
12/3/2022 c6 negi83
too much AU/OC. I am off
11/28/2022 c7 orangejskim1215
HOLLYYYYYY **** THIS IS SOOO GOOD! I had a fun time reading this! thank you for the read and i'm looking forward the the updates!
11/28/2022 c7 kmfayb
Another great chapter and I can’t wait to see what you do for the next. Hopefully with Jaune joining the tournament he will meet Pyrrha prior to going to Beacon and I look forward to seeing how you deal with their relationship, will it be strengthened with all the changes to Jaune or change to something else entirely? Also looking forward to the reunion with Ruby and Yang and seeing them all attending Beacon. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading the next chapter and hopefully you have a great holiday season.
11/27/2022 c7 Pop
Uff top fic 12/10
11/26/2022 c7 superpierce
Great chapter can’t wait for Salems reaction.
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